The Precision Alliance Puts New Web Strategy In Motion to Increase Sales

New Website Lets Engineers Configure Products and Download CAD Drawings Instantly

Fort Mill, S.C.-Nov. 16, 2010-The Precision Alliance (TPA), a manufacturer and distributor of linear motion components and positioning systems, has partnered with ThomasNet on a new web strategy. The company aims to increase sales to a variety of industries including medical products, defense and transportation.

From linear guides to rotary bearings, TPA's individual products and sub-assemblies are found in products that require very precise forward/backward, up/down, and sideways motions. Some examples of TPA's products in action include:

  • Reading machines for the visually impaired
  • Equipment compartments on mobile military vehicles that can open or close easily in combat situations, and
  • Focusing systems for zooming into nanoscale imaging that is required in medical diagnostics and life science research equipment.

    TPA engaged ThomasNet's Web Solutions group to create a website experience that would help its prospects, design engineers, to better understand its capabilities. Often, these engineers want to do more than simply review its products. They want to download a CAD drawing to fit into their particular project or part before making a purchasing decision. TPA was learning "after the fact" that prospects were clicking away from their website because it didn't offer this functionality.

    TPA's new website solves this problem. The site is powered by ThomasNet's Navigator Platform, which includes cutting edge technology that improves the content and navigation of industrial companies' websites. For example, now TPA's prospects can access its entire product line. If they would like to design a product that will meet their particular specs, they can configure the part "on the fly," download a 3-D CAD drawing, and insert it to make sure that it will fit into their project or part.

    "Once our prospects build a 3-D model and insert it into their assembly, they're likely to place an order," said Dale Carpenter, Business Development Manager, TPA.

    For the first time, TPA has also incorporated shopping cart technology so that clients can select and pay for many products with a credit card. "The shopping cart technology increases our efficiency and helps customers place an order more quickly. We especially like the express ordering option," said Mr. Carpenter.

    The enhanced TPA site also features:

  • Images and icons for easy visual navigation. When they arrive at the homepage, for instance, they can see images of TPA's major product categories, such as ball screws, CAM roller guides, and precision gears.
  • Product searches by keyword or part number. Prospects can also compare up to five products at a time.
  • Downloadable technical information in PDF form.
  • The ability to submit Requests for Quotes (RFQs) with attached files.

    To browse The Precision Alliance's new site, please go to

    About The Precision Alliance (TPA)

    TPA of Fort Mill, S.C. supplies precision linear and rotary motion components and systems for machine, instrument, device, and vehicle applications. These components include linear bearings of a variety of types, ball screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turn table bearings, specialty gears, and related components. Often a catalog product will solve design engineers' problems. However, new projects tend to push beyond standard product offerings (i.e., load, temperature, size, environment, or something else). In these cases, TPA's engineers can develop engineered solution through modification or alternate technologies.

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