The Original With Cult Status - Visitors to HERMLE Open House Almost Back to Pre-Covid Levels

For four days, Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG once again opened the doors to its traditional Open House exhibition. Over 1100 companies and 2500 visitors, including 800 international guests, gained a comprehensive understanding of products, automation solutions, digitalization, Industry 4.0 solutions, and HERMLE services, such as service competence, additive manufacturing, and the HERMLE User College. The four-day exhibition attracted visitors from more than 30 countries, with large delegations from neighboring European countries like the Czech Republic, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, the UK and Scandinavia. Additionally, companies from Japan, Turkey, and other regions of the world were also in attendance and received comprehensive advice and guidance. By far the largest group of visitors hailed from the USA and Mexico, boasting over 120 attendees from diverse industries. Interest in HERMLE machining centers and automation solutions continues to grow.

Over 20 machining operations specially programmed and set up for the Open House exhibition demonstrated the high precision and reliability of HERMLE products. 

The star of the show was undoubtedly the lovingly detailed, 1:5 scale Bulli T1, which was a huge hit with visitors. Various other components, all exhibiting innovative and highly intriguing technological solutions, for example, a 94 kg record player, a Thermomix die, a sled, and numerous aerospace and tool and mold-making parts, were admired and marveled at by those in attendance.

These technology solutions, in particular, really deliver the goods. Demonstrations at the Open House showcased a range of cutting-edge technologies, including special 5-axis machining strategies, glass ceramic machining, innovative tools and clamping devices, dry and high-gloss aluminum machining, HERMLE's mill-turn technology, featuring simultaneous turning and milling, broaching with the HERMLE broaching cycle, as well as various measurement cycles both on and inside the machine.

The exhibition was enriched by a special show that featured over 40 exhibitors specializing in tool technology software and hardware. This additional feature was also well received by visitors. Numerous technical presentations provided visitors with a deeper understanding of various topics and technologies.

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