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MPE Food Grinders

CHICAGO, IL. -- Modern Process Equipment (MPE) is proud to announce the latest advancements in their food grinding/size reduction technology.

MPE's food grinders offer the following features:

• Full stainless steel, or electroless nickel plated, grinder frame construction.

• Stainless steel rolls

• Continuous ground smooth internal and external welds

• Optional stainless steel surface finishes from glass bead blast to 32ra with electro-polish

• Optional Clean-In-Place (CIP) spray bar systems for grinder internals

• Optional Clean-In-Place (CIP) washer carts

Every MPE grinder (Gran-U-Lizer) is custom-designed for your specific food application.  Prior to design and manufacturing, laboratory testing at MPE determines grinding parameters for the equipment while pre-shipment testing on the completed unit confirms that all specifications are met prior to shipment and installation at your facility.  Thereafter, MPE guarantees that those results achieved during laboratory and pre-shipment testing are met, or exceeded, by our equipment at your facility.   

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About MPE

Modern Process Equipment Corp. (MPE) is the world's leading manufacturer of precision particle reduction equipment.  MPE has been supplying its customers with superior particle size reduction solutions for over fifty years, earning the reputation as the place to go to improve product yields and reduce the generation of unwanted fines.  MPE aspires to design and manufacture the most modern, innovative and highest quality equipment with the most responsive, practical and timely service possible.  For more information about MPE's complete line of equipment, contact Modern Process Equipment, Inc.  3125 South Kolin Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623; call 773-254-3929; visit

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