The Mµshield Company Expands its Hydroforming Capabilities by Offering Forming of Additional Alloys

Forming ideal for aerospace, commercial, electronic, medical, military & scientific industries.

LONDONDERRY, NH- The MµShield Company Inc. a worldwide provider of high precision magnetic shielding, has announced expansion of its hydroform capacity and will now be forming additional alloys beyond the high permeability alloys, specific to magnetic shielding. Typical industries using hydroformed parts include aerospace, commercial, electronic, medical, military & scientific.

"We have a great resource to offer new and existing customers in need of short and medium run metal forming capabilities", said Bob Joy, MµShield's VP of Manufacturing. "This expansion will include alloys such as stainless steels, low carbon steel, high temp aerospace alloys, aluminum and electronic alloys. We have over 40 years experience with these alloys and have, not up until now, marketed this capability to new customers. We feel that we can establish a strong position in the hydroform job shop arena with this marketing effort. Our plan is to increase our overall business and create 2-4 new jobs at our company", he continued.

The MµShield Company's hydroforming process offers a cost effective method to produce shallow or deep drawn parts. Compared to other traditional methods, such as stamping and mechanical press forming, hydroforming offers shorter lead times. Utilizing a male form tool, hydroforming offers a better surface finish on finished parts, reduces overall cost, in both product development and production runs, and achieves exceptional dimensional tolerances. Hydroforming is a superior operation when it comes to deep draw forming.

Hydroforming also lends itself to irregular shapes. The part is formed in a pressurized bladder that takes the shape of the male form tool. Because there is very little metal on metal contact, hydroformed parts are scratch free and yield surfaces that are easily finished.

When required, secondary operations such as trimming or drilling can be performed, in house, at MµShield's up to date machine shop. Further, when annealing is required, MµShield offers heat treating as well.

To have your metal forming requirements reviewed for hydroform feasibility, contact MµShield, email or call Toll Free 888-669-3539 or FAX 800-666-4013.

About The MµShield Company

Located in Londonderry, NH, right at the South runway of the Boston/Manchester Airport, The MµShield Company has the capability to manufacture simple or complex metal components and assemblies. The team of experienced skilled craftsman and technicians, along with state of the art equipment, allow MuShield to produce a wide variety of metal parts and job shop services. Further, the Company is a worldwide supplier of high permeability raw material alloys in sheet, strip and bar form.

The MµShield Company is able to service companies, both foreign and domestic, in their needs for magnetic shielding and hydroform services from the Londonderry office.

MuShield is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

The MµShield Company supplies a wide array of industries and are approved vendors for many companies in the following industries

o Aeronautics

o Defense,

o Medical

o Electronics

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