The Lowdown on Trash Pumps

Many times, contractors will request a "Trash Pump". Trash pumps, and in particular, centrifugal trash pumps come in many types and variations. Other names for this "Trash Pump" may be Non-Clog or Solids Handling, among others. Different styles can be Self Priming, Compressor Assist Prime, Vacuum Assist Prime, or Submersible.

Common to all the different pumps is the ability of the pump end to handle effluent laden with solids (Trash). This is typically referred to the "Solids Handling Capability" and is normally referring to a spherical or round solid, the size of which is dependent upon the pump. This type of pump has become much more efficient with the introduction of the non-clog Impeller; however, the name is deceiving as all pumps will clog or plug up, if a large enough solid is inadvertently pulled into the pump. To resolve this problem, most Trash pumps will have a clean-out plate which allows removal of debris.

Some inspection plates can serve as a cleanout, but may not allow for removal of debris, as these plates are typically on the discharge side of the impeller. If the impeller is already plugged up, then the debris plugging the pump is very likely too large to pass through (hence the reason for the failure in the pump). A Contractor friendly design is one in which this cleanout is possible from the suction side of the impeller, eliminating the need to remove the suction line, as this can lead to an unnecessary spill or extra work.

Traditional trash pump impellers are based on an open impeller design that includes an adjustable back wear plate. Clearances are set to maintain the performance of the pump. The non-clog impeller is a semi-enclosed impeller that will include a wear plate or wear ring to maintain the performance. The semi-enclosed impeller tends to provide better pumping efficiency.

Griffin can provide pumps that meet any of these requirements for the given project needs. Trash pumps are used in a variety of industrial, municipal, and specialty applications. Examples include agriculture, construction, flood control, and mining. The choice depends on whether the pump is intended for a dedicated function or whether a more versatile pump is required.

Each pump owner should consider whether air-handling, priming time, or simply volume are required in order to determine the best match of a pump. This also ensures that the pump chosen is a cost-effective solution to the anticipated problems and also includes the features required to successfully complete the project.

Griffin has, for decades, implemented the use and design of "Trash Pumps", with over 70 years of field experience, and can provide either Diesel Driven, Gasoline Driven, or Submersible Trash pumps (including electric or portable hydraulic drives). Griffin can help determine the pump that best suits your "trash" handling needs.

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