The LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Labeling System That is Now Being Offered through Creative Safety Supply Will Make Printing Labels In-House Easy, Quick and Affordable

SUMMARY:  The industrial labeler will provide professional results for all forms of marking to create a safety environment.

Office, school and manufacturing facilities all require some form of labels to mark supplies, office equipment and work areas for informational and directional reasons.  Printing in house labels has been made easier and quicker with the industrial labeler offered through Creative Safety Supply.  The LabelTac 4 PRO printer is just one of Creative Safety Supplies inventory of printers that will produce professional results.  In house printing  allows the person to print what is needed quickly without waiting for labels to arrive in the mail from outsourcing through a third party.   The printer also makes it easy on the budget as the in house labels cost a fraction of pre-printed or outsourced labels.

Most businesses today work with Windows-based programs such as Microsoft, OpenOffice and Excel and the LabelTac 4 PRO connects easily to one of these programs allowing for flexibility with a program that a business is already familiar with.  In the case a business may not have one of the Windows-based programs; the printer does ship with the incredible easy to use Bartender label creation software. 

The industrial labeler comes complete with thousands of pre-made templates and safety symbols for marking all supplies to work areas with common theme texts used by many different businesses.  The system is a great tool for any 5s program as the labels are made from a variety of colors and safety messages that provide information and direction for keeping employees and visitors safe.  A safety coordinator commented, “The label printer provided us with the correct labels in compliance with OSHA safety standards and has been a great improvement to our safety goals.”

For more information about the LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Labeling System or other label printers and supplies, please visit or call toll-free (866)777-1360 to speak with a professional and knowledgeable representative.

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