The Key to Lower Cost of Manufacturing isn't Always in The High-Volume Manufacturing, but to Partner up with The Right Supplier

The key to lower cost of manufacturing isn't always in the high-volume manufacturing, but to partner up with the right supplier. Here in Metalcut USA we put to use machines capable of great volume of manufacturing and we make these high-tech/high-power instruments available for medium and smaller manufacturers.

Bring your projects to us and see how much advanced manufacturing processes and machinery can affect your production cost.

As we say: "We will do our biggest effort to exceed your expectations and so that you can to count on us as one of your Supply Allies".

Our Capabilities


  • MILD or CARBON Steel: up to 1-3/8” | 1.377” | 35 mm;
  • Stainless Steel: up to 1-3/8” | 1.377” | 35 mm;
  • Aluminum: up to 0.7874” | 20 mm;


  • Maximum capacity of 160 Ton;
  • Maximum length of 126” | 3200 mm;
  • Vast array of tools.


  • Up to 9th gouge, heavier materials will be welded by TIG and MIG;
  • Electropolishing


  • Counter sinking, Screw Threading, Reaming holes, Machining, Electrostatic Painting, Engraving, Zinc-plating, Anodizing, Designing and manufacturing tools and dies for special bends and punches.

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