The Dirtiest Blog on the Web | Readers Beware!

Sebastian, FL-Readers Beware! If you are faint of heart, don't read on. If you blush easily, turn back. Granite Environmental, Inc. just launched the dirtiest blog on the web.

Granite Environmental, located in east central Florida, specializes in erosion and pollution control products as well as site specific solutions for industrial spill clean-up applications and emergency use. The mission of the company is to be a complete erosion control, water pollution, incineration, and containment solution resource, offering product solutions for a cleaner world.

The Dirty Blog is up and running with the same fervor. Readers eagerly await the newest posts and white papers available for download. Offering education, news, and real life experience the Granite Environmental Blog is a trusted source for all stages of the erosion and pollution project cycle.

Not familiar with the cycle? The process is simple. Start with Prevention, with intention to Control the situation. This allows Containment to be attained, which then leads to Recovery and ultimately Disposal.

All three resident bloggers dig deep to provide readers with the latest dirt.

Professor Loam takes on the educational facet of the blog. Already, hundreds of readers are getting educated on soil erosion, erosion control, beach erosion, weathering, watersheds, and water quality. Always eager to teach, it's guaranteed you'll learn something new each day from the wise...and dirty...old man.

Terra Firma takes on the news, hunting down leads to give you a daily dose of dirt. The amount of dirty news, on topics like erosion and pollution, is actually quite vast, but not necessarily a hot topic in the eyes of the general public. Terra aims to bring light to a dark part of the news.

Clay Redding's not afraid to get dirty...literally. He's always on the road meeting with Granite Environmental clients and assisting in erosion and pollution projects. Clay's your go to guy for product questions, new technologies, and practical applications.

If you made it to the end of this press release then you are ready to get down and dirty with the dirtiest blog on the web, courtesy of Granite Environmental.

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