The Convenience of Your Insert Molder Having the Capability to Produce Metal Inserts

When an insert molder has the capacity to produce metal inserts for vertical integration, the ease and convenience of having this capability cannot be underestimated.

Insert molding is part of a manufacturing process using advanced technology designed for injection molding, specifically. This process combines components of thermoplastic and metal into a single finished part.

Once completed, the part can be inserted into the mold automatically or by hand. When the plastic gets injected into the mold, it begins to fill in the features around the insert--which creates an incorporated and assembled component that is ready for use.

This process causes these components to be more tightly secured within the plastic resin and this helps to strengthen the part's reliability and it's resistance to vibration and shock.

Eliminate Extra Vendors with In-house Insert Production

It can be convenient if you find an injection molder that can produce the inserts, the mold and run production. Qualified engineers are able to guide this process with smooth results. It can be used for either low or high volume product runs.

Insert molding uses the most advanced technology available to injection molding processes and in the past building a component that is highly complex, like a defense battery or medical needle hub required different parts to be individually assembled by hand. Needless to say, this was labor intensive as well as expensive.

Today manufacturers create this level of durability using the insert molding process. When automated, machines insert the metal parts into the specially designed molds. Next they surround the inserts with thermoplastics which create the custom product.

The ease of this process in general is why it is used today for such a wide variety of applications including medical, pharmaceutical, defense, safety, aerospace, electronics and consumer industries.

With in-house insert production outside vendors are no longer required, saving time and cost. If you do decide to outsource your insert production, make certain you choose a manufacturer with ISO and ITAR certifications for verification of proper monitoring for the highest quality product possible.

Today technology is making it possible to create the highest quality manufactured products ever known. When looking to the future, consider Crescent Industries for your next Insert Molding project, they can produce the inserts as well as build the mold and run production, no extra vendors needed. For more information on Crescent Industries insert molding services, call 1-800-411-3844 pr visit

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