The Case for Micropitch Transfers… and when they make sense.

Micropitch transfers are basically a “powered deadplate”, designed to allow for seamless end-to-end transfers of small profile, top-heavy, or uniquely shaped products that may stall, wedge, wobble or tip on a standard fixed transfer deadplate or roller transition.

When two conveyors need an end-to-end transfer, LBP (low back pressure) transitions are typical. However, some products can stall using this method, ultimately waiting for the next product to nudge it over the transfer area. It was for this very purpose that the micropitch transfer was created.

The device is basically a miniature conveyor with a very tight nose bar put in place to interface two separate belting types or technologies. Micropitch transfers are also specified as end units on retractable noser conveyors.

One example in the corresponding micropitch transfer YouTube video by Multi-Conveyor shows how transfers were placed after an incline friction chain, prior to a dual lane product turner, and then again at post-turner where product transfers onto standard table top chain. Another application needed a micropitch transfer after a vibrating settling conveyor, that merges to tabletop chain, diverts, then micropitch transfers onto sideflexing grip chain for an incline ahead.

The most effective way of incorporating this technology is by preplanning the use of the micropitch in the original conveyor design. An afterthought approach is far more costly, and may require line extensions or add-ons. This transfer technology may be difficult to retrofit to original designs if incompatible belt widths were used or transfer space is insufficient.

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