The Blue Clutch Goes Green

BLM's distinctive blue clutches have always been a green solution, long before it was politically correct. BLM has always produced an energy efficient clutch.

An electric motor with a centrifugal clutch starts under no load and does not engage and drive the load until it reaches near rated speed. Once up to speed a motor has more torque to start and accelerate the load and consumes much less current than a motor which must struggle to start under full load.


o More economical because the motor is right sized not over sized

o Improved power because a standard motor with a clutch runs more efficiently than an oversized motor running below its full rated load

o Reduced electrical power consumption costs because when starting with a clutch, the time the motor spends drawing high current is a fraction of the time that is spent by a motor without a clutch

o Increased motor life by as much as 5 times because the shortened high current draw saves motor insulation and windings

o Costly reduced voltage starters are not required to protect the motor because it uses simple economical across the line starters

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