The All New Strapack D53x2 Strapping Machine

Strapack has introduced the newest in its long line of strapping machines, the D-53x2 semi-automatic strapper. This unit is based on the very successful D-53 and D-53x units that have been manufactured for years. Reliability, durability and versatility are the key components of the Strapack D-53 series of strappers.

Strapack is unique in that they manufacture the machines. Strapack builds the units from the ground up vs. just putting their name on someone else's machine. Why does this matter? When you need parts or technical support down the road you will get it because Strapack is the manufacturer. They do not rely on another company that may go out of business, sell the company or cease dealing in the United States for their ability to support the end user. A major difference in the strapping machine market where most companies are marketing companies and not manufacturers.

Miller/Bevco has represented Strapack since 1977 and our experience means that we know the machines. We do not change brands every few years and hope that we can help you with technical questions. We work on the machines every day!

Call Brooks Miller for information on the D-53x2 or any other strapping machine you need. You can call toll free 1-800-821-2177 or email at The best strappers on the market!

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