The 5S Hybrid Hanging Panel System

Improving the efficiency and quality of the work environment.

The only 5S multi-functional panel system that serves to organize a multitude of items, varying in shape, size and weight on a single surface with a specific place for each while ensuring visual identification (non-permanent).

On a single panel it's possible to combine round hooks (for small and/or light articles), "spike" hooks (for heavy and/or bulky items), holders for cans and supports for plastic bins. These accessories allow you to maximize the space available.

Who will benefit from the product?

Those wishing to:

·Have easy and quick access to their items

·Identify if an item is missing or not

·Prevent useless searching

·Clean & organized work area

·Customize their storage area easily

Similar products cannot be used to store such an array of items on a single panel system (both perforated and louvered panels need to be purchased). It is not possible to provide 5S identification directly on the louvered panels without the need of additional parts to level the surface.

The 5S Hybrid Hanging Panel System is unique and will impress those who take efficiency to heart.

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