The 2019 Complete TriMark Product Catalog Available Now!

TriMark Corporation announces the release of its new 164 page 2019 Complete TriMark Product Catalog.

Featuring 150 product platforms, the catalog introduces many new products, as well as Tri Mark’s core “Off the Shelf” products; such as locks, handles, latches, striker bolts, linkages, hinges, ignition switches, electronic access, complete door access systems and related components. The catalog contains the general product information and provides an easy way to search and locate the door hardware solutions you seek. Here are some of the updated highlights:

  • Door Systems - Integrated Access Systems (IAS)
  • Electronic Access & Security Keyless Entry Systems (e-ASK)
  • Introducing Door Access Solutions Never Before Offered in the Catalog
  • 020-0870 Power Locking Pull Handle with Capacitive Sensor (PKE)
  • 020-0925 Squeeze Release with Assist Bar
  • 050-1900 8mm Single Rotary Latch
  • 500-1300 e-ASK PKE System (Passive Keyless Entry)

The 2019 Complete TriMark Product Catalog is available at where you can browse the online catalog, download a PDF version, or request a copy by mail.

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