Tests Show DME Insulation Blankets Dramatically Cut Heat Loss, Related Energy Costs

Technology helps molders heat their barrels, not their shop floor

Madison Heights, Mich. - Good news for molders seeking proven methods of improving energy efficiency: recent tests have revealed that DME Barrel Insulation Blankets reduce the power required to offset heat loss in plastics molding processes by 1,000-1,500 percent.

DME's asbestos-free Insulation Blankets provide a simple method of preventing heat from escaping the barrel of injection molding or extrusion machines. The blankets dramatically reduce the amount of power required to provide a consistent barrel temperature and improves start-up times, part consistency and cost-savings.

DME recently measured the energy necessary to keep a barrel temperature at 600°F, in environment with an ambient temperature of 70°F. With no blanket, the barrel required 660 watts per square foot. With a 1-inch-thick Insulation Blanket, the barrel only needed 54 watts per square foot -an energy savings of 1,100 percent.

"Every time you heat the barrel of an injection or extrusion machine, most of that heat dissipates out into the shop, which means you need to use more electricity to maintain a set temperature," said Jim Hunt, Global Business Manager at DME Company. "By keeping heat from escaping, Insulation Blankets usually cut energy costs enough to pay for themselves in about six months."

In the process, Insulation Blankets also keep the temperature of the shop floor cooler, improving working conditions and the comfort level of the operator and other workers.

DME offers Barrel Insulation Blankets in a wide variety of sizes. Outer Diameters (O.D.) range from 4 to 12 inches in 2-, 4- or 6-inch lengths.

DME Insulation Blankets provide a number of additional benefits compared to alternative products.

· Silica inside fabric provides better thermal characteristics than asbestos materials and better working capacity than fiberglass.

· PTFE-impregnated fiberglass outside fabric is strong, flexible, easily cleanable and resistant to melt and drool.

· Ceramic-fiber, non-asbestos insulation withstands extreme heat for prolonged periods and has excellent insulation characteristics.

· Rugged straps are made from the same tough, PTFE-impregnated material as the outer fabric.

· High-temperature Velcro closures with Nomex loops provide high shear strength in repeated cycle applications.

To learn more about DME Barrel Insulation Blankets and other machine parts, visit www.dme.net/MoldingSupplies.

About DME

DME Company is an essential mold technologies resource to customers worldwide. Through aggressive new product development, global product standardization and a powerful combination of in-house manufacturing centers of excellence and strategic global partnerships, DME is helping customers succeed in changing times. The company's standard-setting, comprehensive product line - including hot runner systems; control systems; mold bases and components; mold making and molding supplies; and cold runner systems for elastomers - is backed by expert technical service every step of the way. DME also manufactures and sells standard tooling for the die-casting industry. Visit www.dme.net for more information.

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