Test Contactor System for Embedded Modules

Munich - For testing and programming of embedded modules, Yamaichi presents a test adapter developed in the European Design Centre.

The test adapter for embedded modules such as Qseven or MXM particularly stands for:

o reliable and robust contacting of the module with probe pins which are used for contacting in the semiconductor test, and

o impedance-controlled design according to customer specifications and/or the Qseven standard.

This unique testing system is mounted on the customer´s application board. The interface between the test adapter and application board is built by the familiar Yamaichi BEC connector. Compatibility with the MXM connector has also been taken into consideration. The module (e.g. a Qseven or MXM module) is inserted into the test adapter and held during the testing or programming process.

The usage of high-performance probe pins which are also used for testing of semiconductor IC chips, ensures secure and reliable contacting. The modules are contacted by the probe pins simultaneously on both sides, with 230 pins at a pitch of 0.5mm. Also other pin pitches and configurations are possible.

The core of the test adapter is a multilayer flex/rigid PCB which ensures a high speed connection between module, probe pins and connector on the customer application test board. The impedance-controlled design of the flex/rigid PCB guarantees the high quality of time-critical signals. The design of the flex/rigid PCB complies according to the Qseven standard and/or customer-specific requirements.

The test adapter is typically used for qualification and evaluation purpose, in production for functional testing and module programming. Additionally for laboratory investigation and quality assurance with temperature cycles up to +85°C.

For product enquiries, please contact the following address: sales@yamaichi.de

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