Teradata and LGR Telecommunications Team to Deliver Telecom Operators Critical New Insights

o LGR and Teradata are to deliver a new high-performance business intelligence and analytics platform for Telecom in Q2

o LGR's CDRlive solution captures detailed network usage data that is then analyzed within the highly scalable Teradata Data Warehouse

o Operators gain highly-granular, real-time intelligence about network usage and customer experience, strong predictors of customer retention

ATLANTA, March 9, 2011 - Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world's largest company solely focused on data warehousing and integrated marketing management, and LGR Telecommunications, specialists in carrier-grade intelligence solutions,have joined forces to help global telecom operators gain ground-breaking new insights into customer experience as well as predict and influence future customer behavior.

Understanding the customer's experience is the biggest ongoing challenge for all telecom operators because it requires analyzing enormous quantities of highly detailed information about each customer's usage of their mobile devices over the network. A typical large operator might generate 150,000 data records or more every second of the day. When LGR is running on the massively parallel processing system of the Teradata platform, operators can manage the immense data volumes and mine network usage data for enterprise intelligence and analytics.

Grant Salmon,
chief "Our joint solution allows operators to understand the
executive network experience from the customer's point of view
officer, LGR by incorporating both handset and network performance
Telecommunications data."

"Integrating the data means operators will know
exactly their quality of service and pinpoint the
causes of any problems."

"Customer experience management is emerging as a top
priority for service providers worldwide. Network
lifecycle events have a large impact on customer
Ari Banerjee, satisfaction and hence, to deliver a holistic
senior customer experience, operators must look at their
analyst, network operations from the point of view of the
Heavy Reading customer."

David Grant,
president of
marketing and "While global operators recognize the vital nature of
solutions, network data for business intelligence and analytics,
Teradata few have clear strategies for executing on the
Corporation vision."

"With LGR on Teradata, carriers are able to perform
detailed analysis of market share and customer churn,
by market and by product, on a daily basis, then
perform advanced analyses of usage-based
segmentation, customer experience, and social
network, to beat the competition."

Relevant Information

o CDRlive, from LGR, captures all the Call Detail Records (CDRs) for every
point of customer interaction with the network - voice calls, SMS and
data transfers. The millions of CDRs from the operator's network are
then loaded into a data warehouse from Teradata, where the information
is combined with other customer data and analyzed to extrapolate
customer usage, experience and behavioral information.

o This real-time, high-performance business intelligence and analytics
platform enables operators to get a 360-degree view of each customer,
and take proactive steps to maximize experience and drive new value.

o CDRlive is being migrated to the Teradata Platform Family by the
second quarter of 2011 and ready for sale globally. The two
companies are currently jointly engaged with numerous customers
around the world.

o By using CDRlive and Teradata to integrate network, signaling and
customer data, operators gain a detailed understanding of the customer
experience. They use this detailed analysis for:

o Highly granular views into network and device usage and performance,
obtaining real-time insights to mitigate risks and open new

o Customer segmentation as well as loyalty and churn initiatives,
increasing retention and identifying new revenue and cost-reduction

o Competitor analysis, gaining first-to-market advantage through an
understanding of competitor metrics such as subscriber counts,
market share, and adds/disconnects.

o Social network analysis, mitigating the risk of churn and increasing
cross-sell and up-sell success rates.

o The Teradata family of data warehouse platforms provides the speed and
scalability needed to load and analyze data from the smallest operator
to the largest global telecom company at the most economical terms.
Teradata also provides maintenance and support to ensure the data
warehouse system is fully operational all of the time.

About LGR Telecommunications

LGR Telecommunications (LGR) is a specialist solutions provider to the global telecommunications industry, with offices in the United States, Australia and South Africa. Its core business centers around real-time, carrier-grade solutions such as CDRlive, which allow telecommunications operators to transform high volumes of network usage data into critical business insight. LGR technologies today support over 250 million mobile subscribers at leading network operators across the globe. For more information about LGR, please visit: www.lgr.biz.

About Teradata

Teradata is the world's leader in data warehousing and integrated marketing management through its database software, data warehouse appliances, and enterprise analytics. For more information, visit teradata.com.

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