Tennessee Highway Patrol Puts Drug Disposal on the Front Burner

Sebastian, FL-The Tennessee Highway Patrol has cracked down on drug possession and trafficking. Granite Environmental stepped in to assist in properly disposing of these seized drugs.

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center's study of Tennessee, the number of methamphetamine laboratories seized has decreased by 78 since 2005. Concurrently, the number of cannabis plants eradicated has decreased by 41,145.

The question that arises is simple. What happens to all of these confiscated drugs? After all of the evidence has been presented and cases are closed, where do they go?

The answer is equally simple. They are incinerated.

On February 17, 2011, Granite Environmental, Inc. was awarded the Tennessee Highway Patrol's bid on eight drug disposal incinerators. The following cities' Highway Patrols are ready to deplete their collection: Chattanooga, Cookeville, Fall Branch, Jackson, Knoxville, Lawrenceburg, Memphis, and Nashville.

The benefits of using a drug disposal incinerator are numerous. It's easy to use, reduces material to only 1% of its original volume, safely incinerates illicit drugs, and can even sterilize non-combustible drug paraphernalia.

This joint venture couldn't have happened at a better time. Clarksville Online reported on February 11 on a Tennessee State Trooper, in Nashville, confiscated more than half a pound of cocaine on a routine traffic stop.

Thanks to Granite Environmental and the Tennessee Highway Patrol, we know what will become of the cocaine.

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