Temperature And Relative Humidity Sensing Instruments For Accurate Control

Read, record, control and transmit temperatures & RH accurately using a wide range of sensors.

Minneapolis, Minn., September 1, 2008-Minco, a designer and manufacturer of critical components for critical applications, has a new line of temperature instrumentation.
Minco transmitters, controllers, indicators and accessories are designed to work with Minco temperature sensors and heaters, but can work with a wide variety of other devices.

Temptran(TM) temperature transmitters amplify low-level signals from RTD or thermocouples. These transmitters are immune to electrical resistance in extension wires, so they are more accurate than other transmitters. They linearize temp signals, so they are excellent low cost signal conditioners.

Temperature controllers are available in programmable, miniature, monitor/relay or "sensorless" models. Temperature indicators are available in digital, head-mounted or current loop models. Instrumentation accessories include solid-state relays and heatsinks. A number of customized controllers are also available. These include proportional, dual power, high current and multi-channel models.

Relative humidity and humidity plus temperature transmitters have advanced microprocessors. Digital signal processing allows these transmitters to precisely match the characteristics of the humidity sensor to a wide range of RH and temperature values found in the many applications. The humidity sensor has a platinum RTD for temperature compensation. This sensor offers outstanding resistance to airborne contaminant and chemicals, and is protected by a sintered stainless steel filter to resist condensation.

With over 7,000 temperature sensor designs, let a Minco engineer help you choose a standard or customize approach to meet your temperature sensing, controlling and monitoring requirements.

A Sensors & Instruments Solutions Guide Design Guide can be ordered in print or downloaded. A Non-invasive Sensors Design Kit and a Sensor Configurator Tool are also available.

The Minco Engineer2Engineer Community gives you ready access to engineers at Minco who are happy to discuss your instrumentation requirements. You can access this community via the website (http://www.minco.com), or phone 763-571-3121 for more information.

About Minco

Minco designs, manufactures and markets critical components for critical applications. The company is unsurpassed in its ability to integrate and assemble flexible Thermofoil(TM) Heaters, Flex Circuits, Sensors and Instruments into a single component for greater efficiency. Minco helps companies minimize the risk of product failure by providing highly reliable components and expert design services.

Worldwide Headquarters: 7300 Commerce Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55432 U.S.A.
European Headquarters: Zone Industrielle 09310 Aston, France
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