Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in a Clinical Operating Room

CHESTERLAND OH — CAS DataLoggers recently provided a clinic's operating room with an Accsense wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system. Surgical staff frequently complain about it 'raining' in their OR, meaning that the humidity has become high enough that condensation starts falling. This poses a health risk since the drops form on unsterilized areas like ceiling and light fixtures. The high RH also makes staff feel hotter than their temperature control system shows, making their work uncomfortable. Additionally their HVAC system occasionally fails which is cause for immediate servicing. Staff keep the room below 65°F during procedures, but their system wasn't originally designed to keep the room this cold. As a result the surgical staff wanted the room to be reliably maintained near 50% RH. To notify them when humidity got too high, possibly indicating an AC failure, staff wanted a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system fully compliant with Joint Commission guidelines.

CAS DataLoggers provided the clinic's OR with an Accsense Wireless Temperature and Humidity data logger mounted onto the near wall with a supplied bracket. This environmental datalogger simultaneously measures the operating theater's temperature and humidity using its internal ambient temperature and humidity sensors. The clinic also installed an Accsense Wireless Data Logger Gateway with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet. As usual, Accsense was a simple installation with minimal impact on the clinic's network.

Accsense is Web-based and simple to use with virtually no learning curve. There's no software installation or firewall configuration hassles, and the data logger can operate on either battery or AC power. The gateway's bright LEDs show the room's current environmental status. Both the pod and gateway range out to 250' and 90' indoors, and in case of a power or internet outage Accsense will alarm the staff while it keeps logging on its 250-sample data buffer. 

The wireless datalogger automatically sends all its data to the gateway which in turn immediately sends it out to the Web. Accsense sends all this data to the cloud, enabling clinic staff to view it online in real time using their secure Accsense account. The customizable interface and measurement dashboard shows the most recent data from the datalogger, and users can display historical data with ranges anywhere from 5 minutes to 90 days. With unlimited storage, the data can be downloaded in CSV format and loaded into most database applications. Clinic staff can download the data for offline analysis, view it in reports, charts and graphs, and administrators can modify the Accsense configuration from anywhere they're connected to the Internet.

Users have already setup alarm states so they receive alarms via email, cell phone, pager, or landline—Accsense even sends the same alarm to multiple recipients. Additionally, free software and free on-call technical support are included with all Accsense products.

Post-installation, the Accsense system has greatly improved the clinic's safety conditions by giving the surgical staff and maintenance crew immediate warning when the OR environment goes outside safe limits. The system will even continue to log during power or internet outages and automatically back up all the data on the secure Accsense servers. Since the data is all on the cloud for later reporting, maintenance crews can view the OR's conditions in detail which will help them if they decide to replace the HVAC system.

Accsense Product Manager Dana Kennedy comments, "We've provided Accsense to many hospitals and clinics for their environmental monitoring needs. For example if you've got a Joint Commission auditor asking to see your product or equipment data, with Accsense you can just print it out from the cloud and hand it over. With Accsense you're 100% compliant with all Joint Commission recommendations."

For more information on our wireless Accsense environmental monitoring systems, which send out phone alerts to as many as 10 designees, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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