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TeleTracking Highlights "Real-Time" Upgrades at HIMSS14

New platform operates in real time with RTLS integrations

PITTSBURGH - TeleTracking Technologies' market-leading ability to operate hospitals in real time will be highlighted at HIMSS14 with several software/hardware upgrades, including the industry's first low-cost, waterproof, miniature, single-use Real-Time Location System (RTLS) patient tag, powered by CenTrak. 

The 2013 KLAS patient flow category leader will feature its RTLS enabled Orchestrate™ application for procedural areas, along with new releases of its Capacity Management Suite™ system and TransferCenter™ application.

The benefits of using patient and staff RTLS tags include the automation of The Joint Commission recommended patient flow standards, the improvement of patient safety and satisfaction, and the removal of lag times that occur when workflow reporting must rely on human input, such as phone calls to confirm patient discharge, a completed bed turnover or patient room occupancy.

The new single-use patient tag powered by CenTrak, which can be discarded or recycled, significantly increases the cost-effectiveness and scalability of patient tracking initiatives by eliminating concern for tag loss.  It also meets Clinical-Grade Locating™ requirements of accuracy at the room-, bed-, and bay- level without transitional "white space," or blind spots.

RTLS integration with the new Orchestrate™ release will allow real-time patient movement through procedural areas to be factored into the overall process of automated capacity management, as well as improve operating room utilization and patient status communication to family members. The Orchestrate upgrade also adds 24 standard reports for acute-care procedural settings and 16 reports for ambulatory care settings. These will help measure patient wait time, turnaround time, actual vs. scheduled start time, staff utilization vs. scheduled procedure time, clinical discharge time vs. PACU departure time, and case delays by cause.

The new release of Capacity Management Suite™ offers users a new, more intuitive interface with the PatientTracking Portal™ view, as well as customizable patient attribute and Care Progression Indicators that can be used to track physical therapy responsiveness or readiness to move to a step-down unit. Other enhancements make it even easier for busy caregivers to record or access patient information without leaving the application.

The upgrade of the extremely popular TransferCenter™ application now offers additional business-trending intelligence that can help hospital executives determine the benefits of adding service lines or facility expansion.  Tracking business lost through outbound transfers and analyzing market trends based on the type of case being transferred to other facilities is all part of this release. This helps hospital leaders determine courses of action that might better meet the needs of their service area. In addition to outbound transfers, the application captures more clinical case data, offers new user interface enhancements, additional notifications and other reporting capabilities.

To see a demonstration of TeleTracking's Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions, visit us at HIMSS14 booth #713. 

TeleTracking will conduct a session highlighting the integration of RTLS technology with our Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions, along with the single-use patient tag powered by CenTrak, on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 3:00 PM in CenTrak booth #5645.

About TeleTracking:

For over two decades, TeleTracking Technologies has helped hospitals achieve better patient flow through automation and process redesign that takes the time lag out of daily hospital operations. Today, TeleTracking provides an end-to-end platform which optimizes operations enterprise-wide in real-time. Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions deliver peak operational performance by automating as many of the physical functions of the hospital as possible and monitoring them in real time to increase efficiency in the delivery of care. This tighter operational control drives out waste (both time and resources) and improves efficiencies, while still making sure that patients get to the right place at the right time with the right resources. TeleTracking provides process planning, patient flow redesign and asset management optimization through its consulting division, and has been rated by KLAS ( as the patient flow Category Leader seven times in the last eight years. For more information, visit  and join the conversation at

About CenTrak:

CenTrak® is the leading provider of precise, versatile, and cost-effective visibility solutions for healthcare. CenTrak's Clinical-Grade Visibility™ platform delivers unmatched accuracy, speed, performance and power-efficiency making it a smarter technology investment. CenTrak's Gen2IR™ technology delivers certainty-based location data, a requirement for workflow and other key healthcare management applications. CenTrak is currently deployed at hundreds of world-class healthcare facilities in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Clinical-Grade RTLS™, Clinical-Grade Visibility Solutions™ Clinical-Grade Locating Solutions™ and CenTrak® are registered trademarks of CenTrak Inc.


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