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Telatemp Press-On Temperature Labels Sense and Record Machinery Temperatures.

Telatemp's non-reversible temperature recording labels indicate excessive temperatures in machinery, signaling the need for preventive maintenance. Heat build-up from worn bearings, low fluid levels, fluid contamination, and excessive loads can cause oil to exceed normal operating temperatures in vacuum pumps, gear boxes, transfer cases and oil reservoirs. The temperature label's immediate visual indication provides warning of abnormal conditions.

Each adhesive-backed label can measure a 50ºF range through an array of six sealed temperature sensing windows which are calibrated in ten degree increments. In use, when the surface temperature reaches the temperature of that particular window, the indicator permanently turns black. The action takes place in less than a second and provides the user a visual record of the highest temperature reached.

The labels are available in a series of temperature ranges from a low of 100ºF up to a 500ºF (38ºC to 260ºC maximum). Each label is printed in both ºF and ºC, is self-contained and requires no electricity, batteries or mechanical activation.

Telatemp Corporation is a supplier of transit, storage and process temperature sensing devices for applications including: pharmaceuticals, clinical specifications, biologicals, perishables, film, electronics, computers, medical devises, textiles, foods and industrial products. For more information, call Telatemp at 800/321-5160, fax at 714/870-8136, write 351 S. Raymond, Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831-4624, or, or email techsales@

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