Telairity Redefines Real-Time Encoding With Its Next-Generation TVP Technology at NAB 2015

Telairity's new TVP840™ video processor allows creation of a wide array of new smaller, lower-power, more capable realtime encoders than previously possible

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Telairity today announced a new high watermark in digital compression: a line of studio and mobile encoders using technology that redefines how real-time encoders should be designed. Telairity is a global leader in encoding technology.

With the processing power and bandwidth needed to handle both existing HD and new UHD formats in compact, energy-efficient systems, the company has set a new standard for real-time encoding, said Harlan McGhan, Telairity vice president of marketing and sales.

Initial systems can be viewed at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention and exhibition in Las Vegas, April 13-16. The Telairity booth is located in South Hall (upper floor), SU7516.

The new systems include the BE8600, a compact half-width 1RU singlechannel encoder; the BE8650, a companion model incorporating a modulator in a full-width 1RU chassis; and the BE8700, a full-width 1RU 4-channel system. The SES3200, a 32-channel system in an ATCA chassis with integrated switching, routing, and multiplexing will also be on display.

The foundation of Telairity's redesigned encoder line is the TVP840™ video processor, the next generation of its patented award-winning multi-core technology. Combining 168 Gigaops/second (GOPS) of processing power with 16 GBs of memory bandwidth, the TVP840 grants Telairity engineers the freedom to rethink how encoders can be designed.

Since the company was founded in 2001, Telairity is still the only dedicated encoding company to develop all its own technology.

Telairity technology begins with the TVP Telairity Video Processor, the only purpose-built ASIC designed for the efficient execution of complex encoding algorithms using a multi-core vector architecture. It continues with Telairity's direct-execution AVClairity™ firmware, written to directly execute on the TVP processor. The firmware controls the specific encoding algorithms executed (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-5, AVS, or other). The company also designs its own boards and enclosures for its encoder lines.

The bottom line, according to McGhan, is a company created to be fully responsive to the needs of its customers. "Since we control every aspect of our encoding systems, from the processor to the user interface, we can do anything necessary to meet the needs of customers with special requirements, whether it involves adding to, changing, or optimizing our systems in some respect," he said.

Among Telairity's past achievements are the first H.264 HD encoder developed specifically for use in helicopters and other aerial vehicles (BC8110); an ENG van and truck encoder built specifically for field use with wide temperature tolerance and vibration resistance (BE8110-T); and an allin-one versatile encoder with MPEG-2/MPEG-4, HD/SD/mobile, 4:2:0/4:2:2 capability combined with auto-switching, "instant on", and an optional modulator (BE8500).

"We've developed our latest compression architecture and equipment design to be fully compatible with today's HD H.264/AVC infrastructure while, at the same time, providing the headroom needed to support future UHD H.265 standards," McGhan noted.  "That makes our encoders immediately useful for today's tasks, while providing customers with an easy upgrade path to tomorrow's tasks. Indeed, since Telairity encoders always include free, lifetime firmware upgrades, customers of the new systems need never fear technological obsolescence."

About Telairity

Telairity produces innovative real-time standards-based video compression solutions for broadcasting, telephony, Internet services and aligned industries. The company's unique video processing technology, based on the Telairity TVP multi-core video processor architecture and associated direct-execution AVClairity video compression software, delivers the industry's lowest latency and best price/performance for realtime video encoding. The company's global headquarters is located in Santa Clara, Calif. Further information is available at

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