Teguar Industrial Box PC Used with New Robotics Automation Software

Teguar has partnered with Ready Robotics for its launch of Forge/OS 5. Forge/OS 5 is a universal operating system that allows you to program and control all of the robots in your production environment, from one single, intuitive platform. Forge/OS offers a smartphone-like, drag-and-drop, flowchart programming interface, making programming robots and automation intuitive. Forge/OS provides a common operating system and programming interface across many robotic brands including FANUC, Yaskawa, and other top OEMs. This partnership enables Ready Robotics to offer a stable long life cycle industrial computer that has been tested and qualified with Forge/OS 5.

Ready Robotics uses Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS to keep your whole system connected to the Forge/OS 5 hub. The TB-5545-MVS has a plethora of inputs/outputs, all on one side, and it is DIN rail mountable, so you can mount it in your work space, or fit it into tight spaces like a control cabinet or corner. It’s the ideal IPC for connecting and controlling many devices. The TB-5545-MVS runs on an Intel 7th Gen Core i3/i5/i7 CPU and it has up to 4x expansion slots. This computer is built for tough environments, like manufacturing, assembly, and production lines. It is fanless, housed in aluminum and steel, and has a wide operating temperature (-20~60°C).

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