Technic Announces the Commercial Release of Silver-Free Seed Layer Process for Solar Applications

Cranston, RI - Technic is pleased to announce the global commercial release of its Alternative Seed Layer (ASL) technology for solar cell metallization marketed under the name TechniSol®.

Technic, a global leader in advanced engineered solutions, has announced the full commercial release of the TechniSol® suite of chemistries, developed to significantly reduce metallization costs in solar cell production by eliminating the need for silver. Technic’s ASL process eliminates the need for costly silver paste by replacing it with light induced plating of nickel, copper, and tin. TechniSol LIP cells have been shown to perform equal to and in some cases better than, ones using conventional silver.

“Silver can represent between 11-15% of the total raw material cost in the manufacturing process, and fluctuations in silver markets can significantly impact profit margins. The elimination of silver in Technic’s ASL technology will have a significant impact on lowering and stabilizing production cost for solar manufacturers.” - Anthony Gallegos, Global Product Manager, Solar Technology

Technic’s advanced ASL technology has been developed in collaboration with the Arizona State University QEEST center, as well as a number of solar institutes and manufacturers. The collaborations, designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Technic’s ASL technology, have produced hundreds of cells and several modules. Technic’s ASL technology has been successfully tested on a variety of cell structures including Mono BSF, Multi BSF, Mono PERC, and Silicon Heterojunction.

All TechniSol® components can be purchased from Technic for testing at a customer site, or demonstrations of the technology can be performed at Technic’s Solar Applications Lab in Cranston, RI.

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