Tecate Group and CAP-XX Announce Expanded Global Distribution Agreement

New Pact Enhances Worldwide Access to CAP-XX's Extensive Offering of Supercapacitors Optimized for Portable Electronics

San Diego, CA, December 2, 2010...Tecate Group, a premier global supplier of supercapacitors and capacitors, and CAP-XX, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ultra-thin supercapacitors, today announced an expanded agreement, adding worldwide distribution to the companies' existing Americas agreement. The only distributor to be named a CAP-XX Global Distributor, Tecate stocks and distributes the world's largest inventory of CAP-XX's full lineup of general purpose and high temperature supercapacitor cells and modules. Moreover, the parts are available for purchase from Tecate's online store at www.tecategroup.com/ultracapacitors/cap-xx.php.

Products involved include CAP-XX's ultra-thin G and H Series of single- and dual-cell supercapacitors. The low impedance power sources are designed to overcome both the power delivery constraints of battery systems and the energy delivery limitations of conventional capacitors. The series provide sufficient energy to handle power surges, and features a wide operating temperature range of from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. These RoHS-compliant components boast a very low profile and are the industry's smallest devices available for given ESR and capacitance. CAP-XX's competitively priced parts are well suited for cost-sensitive portable applications, and offer long life performance at up to 2.75V in single-cell versions and 5.5V in dual cell configurations.

"Tecate is excited to have become CAP-XX's only Global Distributor," stated Tom Wight, vice president sales and marketing of Tecate Group. "We've achieved significant success over the years as a CAP-XX distributor for the Americas, so the expansion of our agreement to include worldwide distribution was a logical step, especially with our online store. This new contract will further enhance customers' ability to source CAP-XX's supercapacitor cells and modules, and allow them to more easily and cost-effectively bring new products and systems to market."

"CAP-XX's decision to expand its partnership with Tecate to strategically build distribution worldwide is clearly the best choice for manufacturers and assembliers of portable electronics," stated Ritchie Bloomfield, vice president of sales and marketing at CAP-XX. "We believe leveraging Tecate's world-class distribution and engineering capabilities with CAP-XX's supercapacitor cells and modules will be the winning formula for attaining a greater share of the global supercapacitor market."

About Tecate Industries:

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Tecate Group, a global leader in the design, sales, and distribution of capacitors and ultracapacitors, as well as audio and multimedia components and service. The Company specializes in supplying high-quality ceramic high voltage, tantalum, aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors, together with ultracapacitor cells, to the world's leading OEMs, assemblers, and end users in markets spanning consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial, military, medical, automotive, transportation and utilities. Founded in 1963, Tecate Industries has long maintained its commitment to provide unparalleled levels of customer service and support, along with state-of-the-industry design and engineering resources. The Company additionally takes pride in offering customers virtually unlimited customization capabilities for unique applications, and maintains a vast global network of sales representatives www.tecategroup.com/sales/salesreps.php and distributors www.tecategroup.com/sales/distributors.php. To learn more about Tecate Industries, visit www.tecategroup.com.

About CAP-XX:

CAP-XX Ltd. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of thin, flat supercapacitors and power architectures for portable electronic devices. Supercapacitors resolve the power and performance limitations of batteries, bridging the gap between the power demanded and that available from a battery. CAP-XX supercapacitors enable manufacturers to make smaller, thinner, longer-running portable electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, PMPs and medical devices. The company, which is listed on the Alternative Investment Markets (AIM) in London, is based in Sydney, Australia, has additional production facilities in Malaysia, and sales offices in the UK and USA. For more information, visit www.cap-xx.com or email sales@cap-xx.com.

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