Tecan Freedom EVOware® Normalization Wizard, DNA Sample Quantitation

Tecan has developed the Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard, specifically for normalization applications in genomic, forensic, protein science and drug discovery laboratories. This new feature, which offers solutions for high quality nucleic acid preparation, including PCR set-up, reaction clean-up, sample quantitation and normalization, is the latest example of Freedom EVOware's great range of flexibility for system customization.

First, a Quantitation Wizard determines the concentrations of samples, in conjunction with Tecan microplate readers and Magellan(TM) software. Then, by automatically generating a pipetting script for easy automation of sample quantitation and normalization, the software brings all the samples to a uniform concentration on a single microplate. The Normalization Wizard can import data directly from the Quantitation Wizard, or from data files of third party devices such as real-time PCR instrumentation, as well as those generated by LIMS.

Tecan's Freedom EVO® automated workstations, together with Freedom EVOware, are capable of all pipetting and microplate handling steps in sample normalization. Data transformations are completed during script runtime without the need for user interaction, enabling a fully automated walk-away system.

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