TeacherLock® II Approved for Use in Massachusetts

Fitchburg, Mass., June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Defcon Products, LLC, manufacturer of the TeacherLock TL-II / SaberLock TL-II lockdown devices, is pleased to announce today that the Massachusetts Building Code Appeals Board (BCAB) voted unanimously in the affirmative that both TeacherLock II (TL-II) and SaberLock II (SL-II) brand devices satisfy the building code requirements as set forth in section 1010.1.9 of the International Building Code (IBC).  This is a statewide code interpretation that the devices meet the requirements of the standard without the need to apply for a building code variance.

Salvatore Emma, Vice President of Operations commented, "TeacherLock II was designed to address building and fire code requirements in those states which require a single operation to unlatch and unlock a door in a fire emergency.  We are delighted that TeacherLock is now available for use in Massachusetts.  To our knowledge, TeacherLock is the only retrofit device on the market found to satisfy the building code requirements in the IBC." 

"We would also like to thank the Mayor of Fitchburg, MA, the Honorable Stephen L. DiNatale, his staff, the Fitchburg Fire Department, the Fitchburg Building Department, Fitchburg Public Schools, and others who provided valuable guidance during this process. The City of Fitchburg has taken the lead on an important public safety issue in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."        

TeacherLock is designed to meet the needs of school, healthcare, and businesses to swiftly and effectively lock down a room in the event of an emergency. TeacherLock enables the user to quickly prevent or delay access by intruders. TeacherLock is exponentially faster to deploy than barricade devices or standard door locks, saving critical time in situations where every second counts. 

The TeacherLock/SaberLock brand of emergency lockdown devices feature:

  • Intuitive - no fumbling with a traditional key
  • Heads-up, single-handed operation so the teacher can attend to students
  • BullyProof – only authorized individuals control the door
  • First responder key
  • A single operation simultaneously unlocks and unlatches
  • ADA compliant
  • Building and Fire Code compliant in 50 states
  • Listed and Labeled UL10B, UL10C, NFPA252, CAN/ULC S104
  • Preferred by School Resources Officers

Press and Contact Information:
Defcon Products, LLC www.teacherlock.com
808 Main Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420  t:(978)286-8855

Marc Bingham, VP Business Development

Salvatore Emma, VP Operations

Source Defcon Products, LLC

Web Site: https://teacherlock.com

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