Taylor Announces Innovative Digital + Flexo Hybrid Press Technology at Dayton Facility

North Mankato, Minnesota -- (Business Wire) -- Taylor Corporation has announced the introduction of a new printing press that combines two proven technologies into one in-mold label solution.

Taylor’s digital + flexo printing press incorporates four digital UV inkjet print stations with four additional flexographic print towers, giving it the ability to match any brand color requirements. Specially engineered to manufacture in-mold labeling (IML) products for Taylor’s many durable label customers, the resulting “hybrid” press is G7® color certified and matches custom color specifications where most other digital platforms fall short.

The hybrid press is evidence of Taylor’s ongoing investment in digital durable label production technology. “This is on the heels of the new digital lines that we’ve installed in our Ohio, Kentucky and Monterrey, Mexico, facilities,” says Joe Klenke, president of Taylor’s Labeling Solutions Group. “With this newest machine, we combine the variable print capabilities, economical short to medium runs, and smaller environmental footprint of a digital press with the spot color and PMS precision of a flexo press. It’s the perfect alternative to the traditional flexo or screen presses ordinarily used for IML.”

Taylor’s digital durable label strategy is focused on helping customers reduce risk, reduce cost and achieve strategic goals. “The new hybrid production lines allow Taylor to create engaging, long-lasting in-mold label designs much more cost-effectively,” adds John Harden, director of Taylor Labeling Solutions. “Imagine a product line of beverage coolers featuring different sports team logos, or outdoor power equipment decorated with different camouflage patterns. These types of variations are all possible and can be printed on demand to avoid line-down situations.”

"Our digital durable in-mold (DDIML) press with hybrid technology changes the game for IML applications,” says Steve Mcdonell, vice president of engineering for Taylor’s Labeling Solutions Group. “We can run a brand’s entire list of IML parts with no plate changes or make-ready parts. This saves time and money while increasing the number of orders we can produce.” Mcdonell notes that the hybrid press builds on other Labeling Solutions Group advancements including the first UL-approved IML film (Grafilm®), multiple ISO certifications and compliance with ANIS, CPSIA, REACH, RoHS and Prop 65 standards.

As for the future economic impact on the surrounding community, Taylor leaders are especially pleased that the new hybrid press is located at their Dayton, Ohio, facility. “Local Dayton-area government, agency and business leaders have been tremendous partners to us for many years,” says Dennis Duchene, group president of Taylor Print & Service Solutions. “The people of Dayton have always been very supportive of us and have provided Taylor with the highly skilled talent we need. It’s fitting that this latest investment will also benefit the community that has contributed so much to our success.”

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