Tara Technologies Expands its Trazar Refurbishment Services to Singapore

Tara Technologies Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced products and engineered solutions, has expanded its Trazar refurbishment services to Singapore. Tara has agreed to exclusively use Trazar developed repair work instructions and they may only install Trazar's OEM approved replacement components.

About Tara Technologies Corporation

Tara Technologies Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision components and subassemblies and provides advanced coatings and texturing services to high technology markets including semiconductor, aerospace, energy and medical applications. For over fifty years, Tara Technologies has been providing engineered products and life-cycle management solutions. Tara products can be found on a wide range of applications from the Space Shuttle in aerospace to deep hole drilling in the oil sector to inside the body in medical applications. In the semiconductor industry, our products have touched almost every electronic device produced. For more information, please visit our website at www.taratechnologies.com.

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Marc Schweitzer, Ph.D.

Director, New Product and Business Development

(650) 594-9797 x11

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