Tanks Direct Designs New e-85 Fuel Storage Tank for Architect of the Capitol Washington, DC

Tanks Direct was contracted to design, supply and install a new underground E-85 fuel storage tank and dispensing system as well as repairs associated with an existing diesel fuel dispensing system. 

Highlights of the project included:

• Engineered project drawings and specifications

• 10,000 gallon Xerxes underground double wall fiberglass E-85 fuel storage tank

• Two (2) E-85 fuel dispensers with alternative fluids dispensing accessories

• New underground transfer pumps and supply piping

• Tank level monitoring system with leak detection

• Fleet management system

• Modifications/repairs to existing dispensing system to secure code compliance

• New 550 gallon underground steel oil water separator

Site work, concrete and asphalt as necessary to restore grade

About Tanks Direct

Tanks Direct is a full service petroleum, water and chemical storage tank distributor with the added benefit of in-house storage tank construction / installation services. As a leading national distributor for over 55 storage tank system manufacturers, Tanks Direct provides competitive pricing, on-time delivery and expert assistance to make your project a success. As a market leader in distribution and installation of storage tank systems, we pride ourselves on excelling in the following:

• Aboveground Storage Tank Installation and Removal

(Certified in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia)

• Underground Storage Tank Installation and Removal

(Certified in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia)

• Site Work for Storage Tank Projects

• Full Service Start-Up and Commissioning Services

Since 1993, Tanks Direct has been one of the nation's largest suppliers of aboveground and underground storage tanks and vessels. In 1997, we added an installation division in order to offer our customers the additional availability of in-house installation and service technicians. While we are still excelling in the national storage tank supply market, we are proud of our additional standing as a unique hybrid equipment distributor and installation company. We are able to provide the experience and reputation of a leading national storage tank supplier as well as the convenience of providing installation services.

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