Tailor-Made Bar Feeding Solutions: LNS Group Presents Novelties

- The Swiss LNS Group, world market leader in automating machine-tools, introduces two new bar feeders: the "Tryton Watch Industry" and the "Alpha 552"

- Tryton Watch Industry, chip conveyors and air filtration systems: How one of the leading watch manufacturers optimizes its productivity.

- The new Alpha 552 convinces with reliability and reinforces the entry-level bar feeder range of the LNS Group.

Orvin, Switzerland - Tailor-made solutions to optimize the production cycle of the clients – this is what the R&D teams of the Swiss LNS Group aimed for when developing the new Tryton Watch Industry. "We cooperate very closely with our customers, to analyse their specific requirements and develop products to increase their productivity," says Samuel Ventron, LNS Europe Product Department Manager. The new bar feeder is dedicated to high precision lathes with a bar diameter range of 1-7mm. "The new Tryton is an optimized version of the Tryton 112 CNC. It is tailored to the needs of the micromechanics industry and watchmakers, with the same high-end performance and a competitive target price," explains Mr. Ventron. "With the new Tryton Watch Industry, we managed to streamline and reposition the Tryton series." The LNS Group, with headquarters in Orvin (Switzerland), nine production facilities around the globe and 800 employees, is world market leader in automating machine-tools.

680 bar feeders for one of the leading manufacturers in the watch industry

The LNS Group started to supply one of the big players in the watch industry in the mid-1980s and has already provided more than 680 bar feeders for various production units. To further upgrade production efficiency, the client ordered 50 Tryton Watch Industry bar feeders in order to maximize reliability while limiting functionalities to the requirements. This is why the company ordered 50 Tryton Watch Industry bar feeders. The first units are already in use, loading bars 24 hours a day and seven days a week, optimizing the production cycle. Apart from bar feeders, LNS also provides chip conveyors and air filtration systems. The machine downtimes can be reduced significantly due to efficient chip evacuation. In addition, the Fox air filtration systems manage the emission of oil mist and ensure a clean production area.

Alpha 552: reliable and price competitive

With the introduction of the Alpha 552, the LNS Group extends its entry level bar feeder product range. "High end bar feeders such as the Express and Sprint series continue to be very successful. But we expect the entry level segment to grow significantly in the coming years," explains Gilbert Lile, CEO of the LNS Europe Business Unit. With the extension of the Alpha range, the LNS Group targets to get a significant part of this growing segment. The main characteristic of the Alpha 552 is its reliability: A mechanical beam gives the bars optimum stability; long guiding elements provide optimal guiding and dampening. A reinforced front leg guarantees improved rigidity. "The Alpha 552 can process bars with a diameter range from 5-52mm and a length up to 4.2 meters," says Mr. Lile.

Handling the Alpha 552 will be easy: The "Quick Change System" allows the operator to replace guiding elements without any tool. The HMI touch screen is user friendly with enhanced memory and many supported languages. Last but not least, the Alpha 552 meets the highest safety standards.

The machine tool industry's One-Stop-Shop

With highly successful bar feeder series both in the high-end and entry-level segments, LNS has been a world market leader for nearly 40 years. Besides bar feeders, the innovative company offers peripheral products such as chip conveyors, coolant management and air filtration systems, optimizing the productivity of the clients from the beginning to the end of the production cycle.

About the LNS Group: LNS was founded in 1973 in Orvin, Switzerland. It has 800 employees and nine production facilities located in Switzerland, North America, the UK, Turkey, Italy, China, Taiwan and Japan. To this day, more than 120,000 bar feeders and 100,000 conveyors have been installed by LNS worldwide. "Our mission is to reinforce LNS as the global leader in automating machine tools with an advanced array of peripheral products including bar feeders, chip conveyors, coolant systems, air filtration and other products," says Mr. Philippe Scemama, Chairman of the Board of LNS. More information at www.LNS-group.com.

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