Tagsearch Technologies Announces Today the Launch of Its Innovative Browser-Based Tagging and Shared Intelligence Service for the Business Market

GUILDFORD, England, April 18// -- Called Tagseasy, the platform gives companies the benefits of consumer social bookmarking and web collaboration but in a secure, confidential environment with additional Web 2.0 tools built specifically for business users.

Tagseasy allows professionals from a range of industries and disciplines to capture, organise and most importantly recommend, relevant information to their colleagues and teams. The service builds a 'live knowledge exchange' where users access only the most relevant content - saving valuable time and building deeper knowledge for the organisation.

By making a business more connected and better informed, Tageasy's solution enables workers to find the gems of information hidden amongst the 25 billion online web pages currently published - rapidly accessing the previously found web searches, important intranet documents and comments from others in their company and profession.

Speaking today, Kurt Lyall - CEO of Tagsearch Technologies said: "Tagseasy has been built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of businesses and their workers. We are very excited to now be putting this product into the hands of business customers who want to benefit from the latest Web 2.0 developments over the last 12 months."

The Tagseasy starter service is available immediately for free from tagseasy.com.

Notes to Editor:

Tagsearch Technologies is dedicated to leading business adoption of tagging and social search. The company's Tagseasy solution helps organisations transform their online productivity and build knowledge management using the power of shared intelligence.

The company was founded in 2006 by Kurt Lyall and Hugo Mills, both veteran online researchers. The idea behind Tagseasy came after spending the previous 5 years building the research and marketing company FirstPartner and working with organisations such a Vodafone, BT, Sky, LogicaCMG, T-Mobile and Microsoft to conduct market and competitor research. They have used the past nine months and the private funding from external investors, to develop a robust, business grade shared intelligence service for discerning organisations.

Over the next three months, they will oversee a managed release of Tageasy to customers in a range of industries including; marketing, PR, investment banking, fund management and publishing - working with system integrator partners and other software companies.

By the autumn, the product family will be fully released, covering three separate solutions 1) OnDemand for individuals and small teams
2) Publisher 2.0 a fully white-labelled solution for online publishers and 3) Enterprise 2.0 for large organisations.


For more information about Tagsearch Technologies contact Kurt Lyall on +44-(0)-208-144-1690 or e-mail kurt@tagsearchtech.com

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