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Tablet-Deployed Singletouch Mobile Gives Contractors Total Control of Their Business, Even on Remote, Disconnected Jobsites

Tablet functionality won Singletouch the business of Energy Maintenance Services (EMS)

PHOENIX AND CALGARY - Singletouch Corporation, whose comprehensive software toolset gives large industrial contractors total control of their business, today rolled out a tablet-based deployment of its Singletouch Mobile, a robust tool that extends the functionality of the company's platform into remote worksites that lack an available internet connection. The new capability, deployed on Hewlett-Packard's HP Slate tablet computer, was a key determining factor in the selection of Singletouch by Houston, TX-based Energy Maintenance Services (EMS), which recently deployed the platform.

"When we launched Singletouch Mobile back in 2008, it was really a labor-capture and materials-handling tool for managers and foremen working on remote jobsites," said Marty Hilsenteger, CEO and director of sales, Singletouch. "Since then, Singletouch Mobile has evolved into a highly functional mobile extension of the Singletouch Office product. Using either the tablet or a handheld, industrial contractors can control inventory, labor, materials and equipment, and can generate purchase orders, work orders and more, right from their service vehicle or truck. Business processes can be completed easily and quickly on the jobsite regardless of whether there is cellular coverage or wireless connectivity."

Singletouch Office, the company's core platform, is a Windows-based project database that gives industrial contractors total control over their businesses, whether they build or service and maintain large projects, or both.

Unlike accounting software that so much of the construction industry still relies on to try to manage operations, Singletouch follows the flow of information from the field where the transactions occur into the main office and not the other way around. Data is captured and digitized in the field at the time and place where transactions actually occur, eliminating the clumsy and time-consuming manual processes, paperwork bottlenecks and transcription errors that cause billing delays, jeopardize customer satisfaction and threaten profitability. Information is easily integrated with third-party payroll, accounting and reporting software, while also feeding into custom reports that offer real-time visibility into project completion, budget versus actual, inventory, procurement, labor, equipment and materials management.

Singletouch Mobile is an extension of the core platform and operates in two modes, construction and maintenance. Construction mode gives those with connectivity access to the full platform. Managers or foremen operating on disconnected jobsites can use maintenance mode to finish business processes on site, with full visibility into their projects.

Contractors can choose to deploy Singletouch Mobile on ruggedized Motorola MC9090 handhelds or on the HP Slate tablet. Using the platform, contractors, even in remote and disconnected jobsites, can complete business processes on the mobile device. Using the customer interface, contractors can offer complete transparency to their customers, showing accurate, real-time labor information, materials and other costs, and have those customers sign off using electronic signature capture.

With Singletouch Mobile, service personnel can generate purchase and work orders, with signatures, on the fly. They can manage their truck inventories and their own time entry as they progress through their work day. Once service personnel have cellular coverage or internet connectivity, all of the information collected throughout the day synchronizes with the main Singletouch Office database.

Field personnel will enjoy the independence that Singletouch Mobile provides. They have the tools they need to manage their trucks and finish their days, without having to struggle to respond to the questions from accounting staff as to what happened several days ago.

The features and benefits of Singletouch Mobile are winning Singletouch clients. After a competitive vendor selection process, Energy Maintenance Services (EMS) selected Singletouch as its operational risk-management platform.

Consultant Graciela Martinez of Silver Fox Advisors was responsible for software selection and overseeing the deployment of the platform. Martinez has over 20 years of experience helping organizations, including Fortune 50 companies, develop and execute their IT strategies.

"The goal was to find a tool that would streamline EMS's business processes. Because EMS operates remote jobsites, predominantly pipeline operations, it was critical that the system selected had a disconnected capability such as Singletouch Mobile," said Martinez. "When I first encountered Singletouch in my research, the name itself said what I was looking for; my client had a requirement to find a system that captured the transaction where and when it happened. The field ticket could be entered into Singletouch and required no further action. This eliminated the need for disparate manual processes and spreadsheets.

"Singletouch was considered along with several other platforms by decision makers at EMS and because Singletouch recognized both the needs of the workers in the field and the requirements of the executive team, they won the business," Martinez said.

Singletouch will be showcasing tablet compatibility along with the full platform at the Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference, September 13 and 14 in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Interested parties can get a personal demonstration at the Singletouch booth, #3410, in the exhibit hall. Hilsenteger will also be giving a presentation entitled "Industrial contractors cannot solve operational issues using accounting software" on Tuesday, September 13 at 5:30pm in the Oil Sands Trade Show Innovation Theatre.

About Singletouch

Singletouch develops and markets control centers for industrial contractors. Contractors that build, or service and maintain, large construction projects use Singletouch to control the variables that determine productivity and profitability. Unlike accounting software that the construction industry has long been using to attempt to control operational issues, Singletouch recognizes that data flows from the field into the office. By electronically capturing data where and when transactions takes place, business processes are streamlined, errors are reduced, efficiency is improved and time-consuming manual reporting processes are eliminated. Singletouch products provide control over project variables, speeding reporting and invoicing. In an instant, whether working offline at a remote jobsite or online at the central office, Singletouch provides industrial contractors working in energy, chemicals, telecom, utilities, environmental or forestry sectors complete visibility into project completion against budget. For more information, please visit

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