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T-JAK Introduces the Pro-Pak to the Downtown Installers! Made in the U.S.A.

February 18, 2006

PATTERSON AVENUE TOOL CO. INC. The company that has pioneered the popular T-JAK® All Purpose Support Tools, designed to ease in the installation of kitchen wall cabinets, overhead drywall installation and many other uses, is listening to it's professional customers, with the addition of the T-JAK, USA, ProPak.

The T-JAK (model no TJ-104) has quick adjustment support range of 52" to 84". This is the original Patented cabinet support tool. It features a quick/tilt adjustment knob that allows the T-JAK to easily slide up to support heavy loads. The quick/tilt knob can then be turned to raise or lower the cabinet with very fine precision adjustments, which are needed for cabinet installations. The T-JAK is packaged in an attractive oyster white with color graphics. It is UPC bar coded for resale.

The T-JAK (model no.MB-101) Mini-Brute has a quick adjustment support range of 15" to 24". This tool is simply a smaller version of the T-JAK and has the same features. It is mainly used to support and install the upper wall cabinets when the base cabinets are already in place. However, it soon became obvious that these tools had many other useful job applications, besides installing kitchen cabinets. As a result Patco added the (TE-101) 1ft. extension, (TE-102) 2ft. extension, and (TE-103) 3ft. extension. The extensions are also bar coded and packaged in white oyster boxes. Extensions can be easily screwed onto the T-JAK and/or Mini-Brute to make the tool more versatile.

The T-JAK Drywall and Cabinet Installation Tool (model TJ-104D) is the newest addition to the T-JAK line. It consists of one T-JAK (TJ-104), one 2ft extension (TE-102) and two drywall support brackets. This tool is used both as a cabinet jack and an adjustable drywall T brace for supporting the ceiling drywall panels during installation. It has a quick adjustment support range of 52" to 108". It is a helping hand for many hard to reach projects, such as, crown molding, light fixtures, beams, headers, soffits, decks and much more.

Here is a partial list of our customers: Menard's Home Centers, HOBO Home Centers, Berland's House of Tools, Amazon.Com, Rockler woodworking, Woodworker Supply Co., Tool Crib of the North, LPK Tool Supply, and many other smaller tool suppliers.

For the commercial cabinet, casework, display installers and woodworkers that do work in high rise buildings, hospitals, institutions and such. We are now introducing the T-JAK Pro Pak (TJP-42). The Pro-Pak includes a (42) piece assortment, packed in a rugged high impact resistant carrying case with wheels for ease in transporting to the worksite. The T-JAK Pro Pak advertising campaign is to start running in "The Carpenter" union trade magazine. It is a good idea to send the finished press release toGene Tenner
Communications Director
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
12 East Erie Street, 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611-2796
Phone: 312-787-3076, extension 587
FAX: 312-951-1516
Cell: 312-636-3066

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