Sugino's Diamond Tip Burnishing Tools Create Micro Finish Surfaces

Sugino Corp, (Itasca, IL) introduces their Cat's Eye Diamond Tip Burnishing Tool
Line and Single Roller Superoll SR Type burnishing tool. The Cat's Eye is designed for long-life and wear when working materials raging from 45 Rockwell C Hardness up to 60 Rockwell C. The Cat's Eye can be used to create micro finishes on ID, OD, End Surfaces, Tapered Surfaces, R surfaces and Spherical surfaces on complete family of parts. It features a quick-change industrial diamond tip for maximized productivity. Superoll tools have been know to change an 80 micro finish to an 8 micro finish in a single pass. Burnishing vs. grinding saves over 60% on processing time and also saves on required additional cleaning steps after processing. Some models of Sugino's Single Roller Superoll SR Type burnishing tool line feature and easily replaceable $10 steel roller. This economical alternative for micro finishing materials rated below 45 Rockwell C can be used on IDs, ODs and end surfaces.

About Sugino Corp.

Sugino, a diverse corporation, offers some of the finest manufacturing equipment available on the market today. With its roots established back in 1936, Sugino is pleased to offer reliable, high quality products, which are separated into four main categories: Selfeeder Drill Line, High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring, High Pressure Pumping Systems and Super Roll Roller Burnishing Tools.

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