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Jun 29, 2009 -

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Successful Water Conservation & Savings for Correctional Facilities

Press release date: Jun 26, 2009

With rising costs across the nation and rising conservation concerns, I-Cons Systems is proud to be an active provider of water conservation and cost reduction for state facilities across the United States. Celebrating 15 years of conservation & cost savings for our customers, I-Con is the leader in intelligent plumbing control systems and has the largest installed base in the industry, with over 100,000 installed retrofit units. I-Con's typical water and sewer savings range from 65%-75% and have gone as high as 80%, as demonstrated by the study done by a third party at SCI Rockview, PA.

I-Con Systems Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art control systems and patented technology to reduce water usage and allow for control systems to be monitored and administrated from a remote central location. It's these control systems that have been helping correctional facilities across the United States to conserve water and reduce costs by retrofitting the existing stainless steel toiliets for more forceful and efficient flush, and remove the diaphragms in the valves reducing maintenance costs. I-Con has completed over 100 projects in over 35 states with recent major projects including, Phase I & II for the State of Indiana, Phase I & II for the State of Virginia with Phase III completing in 2009, Phase 1 & II for the State of Florida with Phase III starting at the beginning 2009, Phase I for the State of Utah, Phase I for the State of NV, multiple State and County facilities in the State of CA with thousands of I-Con valves installed at San Quentin, Chino, Santa Rita, and others. In fact, the I-Con products in San Quentin and Chino were funded by the local water company and a grant so the State of CA did not have to fund one dime of the project.

In a recent press release from Alachua County, FL, speaking of the I-Con project at Alachua County Jail, Facilities Manager Charlie Jackson said, "As government agencies countywide move to implement green solutions, the importance of energy and water performance contracting will only grow. In the end, saving water is good for the environment and also good for the bottom line". Their goal was "to reduce countywide utilities consumption by approximately 30%". After reviewing post I-Con installation usage for the first two months, it looks like I-Con is on track to save the County over 75% in water and sewer costs. This press release also noted that "in a further cost saving development, the new water reduction system may save the County $275,000 for an upgrade to the existing sewer lift station that was thought to be needed. . . The reduction in water usage may make this upgrade unnecessary."

Riverbend Correctional has seen a significant reduction in its water bills during 2008 after installing I-Con units at this maximum security prison. The facility decreased the water usage by 2,339,906 gallons per month (information from Aug 2008 meter read compared to Aug 2007 meter read). That's at one facility, when you multiply that across each state we are working in, the resulting savings is astounding and equates to hundreds of millions of gallons of water a month!

Our business is about conservation and innovation. The impact on water conservation throughout the United States in correctional facilities alone will be significant. I-Con is working on additional innovative products that will work for other facilities, including educational, healthcare and more.

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