Stratus Technologies Webinar Series Unravels the Mechanics of Business Continuity

Yankee Group and Burton Group analysts will present on topics such as evaluating availability needs, choosing server and storage technologies, gaining ROI

MAYNARD, Mass., March 4 - Stratus Technologies today announced a Webinar series that will explore creating resilient and reliable IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity in the face of natural or man- made disasters. Entitled "Taming the Hydra: Issues Impacting Business Continuity," the eight-event series will run throughout 2008, covering topics such as data protection, application availability, business continuity, server technology, and maximizing returns on virtualization investments. Burton Group Vice President and Service Director Richard Jones will give the kickoff session on March 12, then will alternate monthly through June with Yankee Group Research Fellow Laura DiDio.

After starting with Jones' March 12 talk, "Evaluating Data Protection Technologies for Availability and Business Continuity," the Stratus Virtualization Webinar Series will continue on April 23 with DiDio's "Virtualization Primer" session. Jones speaks May 15 on "Choosing the Right Server Technology for a Given IT Workload," and DiDio concludes the first half of the series on June 18 with "Virtually Yours: How to Deploy and Maintain Virtualization to Maximize TCO and Accelerate ROI." The series will resume in September with four more Webinars planned.

"Virtualization has overwhelmingly positive implications for corporate IT, but as with every new technology, there are pitfalls to avoid. What you don't know, can hurt you," DiDio said. "In a virtualized environment, corporate IT managers must consider each server's reliability and the productivity and financial impact on the business in a way they didn't in a conventional environment."

DiDio has covered a wide range of topics in 20 years as a reporter, editor and analyst. Her experience touches on desktop and server operating systems, enterprise applications, operating system security, performance monitoring and management tools. She currently focuses on virtualization, desktop and server operating systems and business issues including TCO and ROI and licensing and contract negotiation.

Richard Jones has more than 22 years of software engineering experience in the power supply and networking industries. His areas of expertise include storage, high availability, business continuity, server operating systems, data center systems and device management.

"Corporate IT managers face many important choices around their data center strategies in the near future," Jones said. "The decisions they make in the short term will determine their IT infrastructure programs' long-term success."

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