Stoke Advances Remote Monitoring Leadership with SmartEdge WiFi

San Jose, Calif., March 25, 2021 -- Stoke today announced enhancements to its remote monitoring solution, SmartEdgeTM, with the introduction of WiFi connectivity. Additionally, Stoke is announcing an upgraded suite of analytics to monitor the condition of remote industrial assets. New capabilities include:

  • Adaptive Dynamic Anomaly Detection (ADADTM) enables auto-calibration and condition monitoring for virtually all commonly used industrial assets
  • Enhanced power management features to provide three years of maintenance free operation
  • SmartEdge analytics with advanced failure mode detection and analysis

“Today’s introduction of the SmartEdgeTM WiFi solution extends Stoke’s asset monitoring leadership, delivering industry leading performance in a tiny form factor and breadth of edge analytics capabilities. The new platform is optimized for remote monitoring applications by offering the longest battery-life in the industry which will deliver true plug-and-play experience to industrial asset owners and operators.” –Karthik Rau, Founder and CEO at Stoke.

Industries are moving toward remote monitoring of equipment at an unprecedented rate and they care primarily about visibility of the condition of their assets and actionable insights. Packed with incredible performance typically only available from cloud-based solutions, Stoke SmartEdgeTM delivers three-year battery-life, deep analytics and wireless connectivity in a plugand-play form factor. Industries continue to depend on real time insights to improve their operating efficiency and Stoke delivers a truly end-to-end solution and immediate time-to-value.

About Stoke

Stoke creates technology that enables companies to monitor their industrial assets in real time. By embedding intelligence in our edge devices, we unleash the potential of data to improve operating efficiency of businesses. To learn more about Stoke’s innovations, go to

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