StockCap Operations in China Are Anything But Fragile

A delicate balance of patience and persistence leads to steady growth in China

Arnold, MO - November 5, 2009 - Five years ago, StockCap opened a sales office in China. Today, the operation includes a factory running multiple manufacturing processes and an expanded sales force. Growth is steady with production 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. Handling the development of the business with care resulted in robust operations, and more opportunities to build on for the future.

"Our growth developed steadily because of the patience and persistence required, and executed, in a tough market," said Jim Hay, Director of Purchasing for the Sinclair & Rush Companies. He continued saying, "We originally opened the sales office because our domestic U.S. customers were moving or buying in China. However, in time it became apparent that importing from the USA to China was not competitive resulting in the decision to begin manufacturing operations there."

Currently, the StockCap operation in China serves not only the domestic China market, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but the USA markets as well. Over 300 injection molding tools are available to produce various caps and plugs for use in many different industries. Injection molded caps and plugs are economical, especially when needed in large quantities, and work best to provide a tight fit sealing out elements such as dirt and moisture. Dip molding tools produce a long list of parts from just one tool. Thousands of different part sizes result from a small collection of dip molded tooling and the StockCap facility in China owns over 100 vinyl dip molding tools. Dip molded caps and plugs are flexible and will not crack or split.

In the two plus years since StockCap began manufacturing caps and plugs in China, the business has more than doubled their new customer list. Having the production facility in China improved service to all customers, even in the USA. The company has better positioned themselves for growth by implementing steady continuous improvements. "Future plans will give us better controls yielding administrative advantages that will serve all our customers around the world," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing for Sinclair & Rush, Inc.". "By implementing our USA directives to all our locations around the world, we are truly a global company, and we are anything but fragile," said Barket. For more information on StockCap and the Sinclair & Rush Companies, visit and today.

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StockCap is the foundation of the Sinclair & Rush Company, which also includes GripWorks, VisiPak, VynaFlex, Castle Bay, and Soffware. Beginning with a small line of caps and plugs, StockCap has grown to become the largest manufacturer of flexible closures in the world. This is due, in part, to active manufacturing and selling operations in five countries supplying over 20,000 customers. In addition to the large selection of stock products, the company also utilizes over fifty years of expertise in molding enabling them to offer new and unique solutions for customers. For more information visit the StockCap website at or call 800-827-2277.

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