StereoVision Imaging to Offer Zalman 2D/3D Monitors

ALTADENA, Calif., Dec. 17 -- StereoVision Imaging (SVI), a market leader in 3D imaging technology, today announced that they will resell Zalman's market leading 2D/3D switchable displays as a complement to its patented 3D digital image viewer/capturing device, the 3D VuCAM(TM). These 19-inch and 22-inch displays integrate a 3D phase difference film allowing for 3D viewing with the included circular polarizer eyewear.

These two technologies will be on display together at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 7th-10th, 2008 in the South Hall #25323.

Under the agreement, StereoVision Imaging will resell Zalman's pioneering 2D/3D Trimon monitors to its aviation, military, research, scientific, design and early adopter consumer customers who desire to view 3D content captured with the 3D VuCAM(TM) and/or other 3D applications. Further, all 2D software applications are compatible with these displays. "We are very excited to be offering our customers an innovative method of viewing 3D images and the ability to view regular 2D data with the same monitor," said Gregory Steinthal, President/CEO for Stereovision Imaging. "This is the perfect complement to SVI's hand-held imaging technology."

Unlike other methods of capturing 3D images, the 3D VuCAM(TM) enables capturing digital 3D images from far distances by integrating patented digital camera technology with high quality binocular optics into one handheld device. "The 3D VuCAM(TM) facilitates the creation of amazing 3D content for display on our monitors," said Jay Yoo of Zalman USA, Inc.

Pricing & Availability

The 3D VuCAM(TM) and Zalman's Trimon 19-inch and 22-inch 2D/3D monitor available are now for purchase at

About StereoVision Imaging, Inc.

Stereovision Imaging (SVI),, develops and commercializes advanced 3D imaging technology for portable stereocopic imaging systems utilizing patented optics and proprietary 3D imaging algorithms. Stereovision Imaging was founded in 2000 and is located in Altadena, California.

About Zalman

Zalman Tech Co. Ltd.,, is the world's leading quiet cooling solution provider in the PC industry. Zalman leads the industry with its expertise in low-noise thermal management and design of efficient, heat- dissipating solutions for various computer components. Established in 1999, the company has over the years developed a very extensive line of coolers for processors, video cards, hard disk drives, and northbridge chipsets. Other unique and innovative products include external water cooling units, surround sound audio products, and specialized quiet computer enclosures and now, the 2D/3D Monitor. Zalman has established its reputation as the best cooling solution provider not just from the superior performance and quality standpoint, but also from the superb acoustic control and noise management that they offer in all of their products.

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