Stepper(TM) Pipette Offers Hand-Held, Contaminate-Free Dispensing

The Tridak(TM) Stepper(TM) offers contaminate-free dispensing in a simple to operate, hand-held pipette. The Stepper(TM) has a light-weight, ergonomic design and is constructed of aluminum for maximum durability. Users can dispense a wide variety of low-to-medium viscosity materials with gentle thumb pressure. This repetitive pipette is available in three sizes: 1 cc, 3 cc, and 5 cc. The Stepper(TM) offers positive displacement dispensing in a range from 0.01 mL to 1.00 mL. Each Stepper(TM) pipette can dispense up to 100 shots from one fill. Shots dispensed from the Stepper(TM) are consistent from the first to the last shot.

The Stepper(TM) pipette utilizes a disposable silicone-free, medical-grade syringe as its fluid reservoir. The pipette is designed so that the fluid reservoir never comes in contact with the operator's hand, preventing adverse heat transfer which could influence the accuracy of the pipette. This design also eliminates fluid contamination because fluids never come in contact with the dispenser's mechanical parts. The Stepper's contaminate-free dispensing makes it an attractive dispenser for many medical and biological applications.

Tridak specializes in fluid dispensing technology. It manufactures a complete line of precision dispense valves, electro-pneumatic dispensers and controllers, disposable packaging, and complete dispensing and filling systems for industrial assembly and packaging.

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