Star SU to exhibit at SHOT Week Supplier Showcase

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL., November 6, 2019 — Star SU LLC will be exhibiting at the 2020 SHOT Week Supplier Showcase in Las Vegas, January 20-21, 2020. Entering its fourth year, the SHOT Week Supplier Showcase was developed in conjunction with the SHOT SHOW as a dedicated event for suppliers to present their products to shooting, hunting and outdoor manufacturers.

Star SU / Star Cutter Company (Booth 51535) will present our firearm industry products, including:

  • Gundrills (including high performance / high feed), pull reamers, and rifle buttons for the barrel making process
  • Solid carbide gundrills and deep hole twist drills for firing pin bore and form
  • SRT Reamers to machine the upper tight tolerance bore
  • Small diameter step drills and drill / chamfer tools for many applications
  • PCD tooling for aluminum applications

About Star SU, LLC
Star SU is the go-to-market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, and SU America, Inc., the US sales and manufacturing unit to SAMP, S.p.A. The companies together represent one of the world’s largest gear machine, tool and gear tool manufacturing producers.

Star SU, LLC offers a wide variety of machine tools, precision cutting tools and services including:

  • gear hobbing machines
  • gear and worm milling machines
  • gear shaping machines
  • chamfering and deburring machines
  • gear and worm grinding machines
  • gear shaving machines
  • tool and cutter grinding machines
  • gear hobs and milling cutters
  • chamfer hobs
  • gear shaper cutters and shaving tools
  • scudding® and power skiving tools
  • chamfer and deburring tools
  • gundrills
  • rifle buttons and push/pull reamers
  • form tools and reamers
  • pcd tooling
  • cryogenic cutting tools
  • tool coatings
  • and tool life cycle management services

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