Standard provides prep requirements for C 666 testing.

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Under jurisdiction of Subcommittee C09.67 on Resistance to Environment, C 1646/C 1646M Standard addresses practice for making and curing test specimens for evaluating frost resistance of coarse aggregate in air-entrained concrete by rapid freezing and thawing. Standard will promote consistency in specimen preparation, resulting in improved repeatability when ASTM C 666 testing is performed.

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New ASTM Concrete Standard Provides Preparation Requirements for Freezing and Thawing Test

A new ASTM standard, C 1646/C 1646M, Practice for Making and Curing Test Specimens for Evaluating Frost Resistance of Coarse Aggregate in Air-Entrained Concrete by Rapid Freezing and Thawing, now provides requirements for specimen preparation for C 666 testing. Both C 666 and C 1646 are under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee C09.67 on Resistance to the Environment, part of ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates.

The ASTM committee first approved standard C 666/C 666M, Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing, in 1971. However, the end result of testing done in accordance with C 666 could often vary from laboratory to laboratory because there were no standardized requirements for specimen preparation.

"Laboratories that perform testing in accordance with C 666 will now have the opportunity to reference a standard practice for making specimens," says Wesley Glass, C09 member and director, division of materials, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. "C 1646 will promote consistency in specimen preparation, thereby resulting in improved repeatability when ASTM C 666 testing is performed."

Glass says that all interested parties are invited to participate in the standards developing activities of Subcommittee C09.67. In addition, the subcommittee would welcome any input from users of C 666, C 1646, and related standards C 672,Test Method for Scaling Resistance of Concrete Surfaces Exposed to Deicing Chemicals, and the moist cloth wrap method C of provisional standard AASTHO TP 17.

ASTM International standards are available for purchase from Customer Service (phone: 610/832-9585; or at For further technical information, contact Wesley Glass, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Frankfort, Ky. (phone: 502/564-3160; Committee C09 will meet Dec. 3-5 at the December Committee Week in Tampa, Fla. For membership or meeting information, contact Scott Orthey, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9730;


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