Stainless Steel Jacketed IBCs & Containers Rental

In September of 2008 CCR SAS of Paris France successfully challenged the economic trends and began a rapid expansion program in the USA with the establishment of CCR USA LLC and their Redmond WA office. Since that time CCR focused their USA operations on aseptic Stainless Steel tanks and pressure containers for the food, cosmetic and chemical industries where they have continued to post record growth.

As we enter 2011 CCR USA LLC continues the expansion of their fleet to include Stainless Steel containers that are cubic in design for ease of handling and jacked on one side to allow for steam heat or water cooling of the contents.

The CCR fleet includes stainless steels jacketed containers in 250, 350 and 550 gallon sizes, used for transportation for food grade or hazardous chemical products, packaging group II & III.

The cubic jacketed containers have applications in both the food or chemical industries with a dedicated fleet for each market segment. The containers are designed for customers who require heating or cooling of product for production, storage, safety or discharge purposes. The cubic design allows for stacking of up to three containers high for efficient warehousing, and handling.

The quality 304 stainless steel provides the quality and confidence that only stainless steel can provide. The rental programs of CCR provide customers with flexibility without the need of purchasing.

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