Stablcor Inc. Enters into New Licensing Agreement with UK-Based Stevenage Circuits Ltd.

Costa Mesa, CA - December 12, 2007 - Stablcor Incorporated, a leading provider of technologically advanced carbon composite laminates, today announced that it has signed a new licensing agreement with Stevenage Circuits Ltd., one of the largest independent PCB fabricators in the UK. Stevenage provides a high-performance product portfolio to companies in over 20 countries.

Stevenage is the first UK company to license the unique STABLCOR technology for fabrication of high technology products that require thermal management, CTE matching or rigidity improvements. Stevenage is considering replacing Thermount with the STABLCOR technology in several of its products.

"Stevenage Circuits has always been at the forefront of technology and STABLCOR laminates enable us to provide heat management and CTE matching previously provided by using copper invar copper," said Stevenage Circuits General Manager Dougal Stewart. "The reduction in weight is significant, and with every gram weight in flight situations adding to both environmental and economic cost, this technology is a must for aerospace applications. To be the first licensee in the UK demonstrates our commitment to providing the best technology available to our customers."

An introduction to the STABLCOR technology was presented to an open forum of key customers at the Stevenage Circuits facility on November 30, 2007. Invitations were limited due to the huge interest in this technology, particularly among the Military and Aerospace fraternities. Stevenage technical sales representatives and engineering staff were available to answer questions and assist in the successful implementation of this technology into customer designs.

"We are pleased to have Stevenage Circuits as our first UK licensee," said Stablcor President Douglas J. Tullio. "They have a stellar reputation within the industry, a knowledgeable, dedicated team and an impressive customer list, all of which are important when we are making a decision to partner with a licensee to develop and build innovative products utilizing our STABLCOR technology. This is a win-win situation."
"It is always rewarding to work with companies such as Stevenage," said Stablcor CTO Kris Vasoya. "Three days after successfully completing onsite, hands-on manufacturing training, their team was able to manufacture electrically competent printed circuit boards. They have a talented technical staff and produce quality products in their 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facilities. Stevenage is widely recognized within the Military and the Aerospace industry as a technologically advanced manufacturer of high-quality and reliable PCBs for challenging applications in a multitude of environments."

PCBs manufactured using STABLCOR as one or multiple cores will act as a heat spreader, which substantially increases thermal conductivity, provides improved rigidity without increasing the weight of the board, and decreases temperatures in lead-free assemblies.

In addition to the improved CTE and thermal management, PCBs manufactured with Stablcor's licensed technology exhibit the following characteristics: less than 50 percent Z-axis expansion, when compared to boards using Thermount materials, and exhibit no moisture absorption issues.

About Stablcor Incorporated.

Stablcor is the only provider of a thermally and electrically conductive carbon composite material which, when incorporated in printed circuit boards and substrates, controls heat, thermal expansion and increases the rigidity and strength of circuit boards without increasing the weight. The patented laminate and the processes to incorporate STABLCOR® into circuit boards and substrates provide the electronics industry a cost efficient technology to produce smaller electronic products, while eliminating the thermal, mechanical and reliability concerns that currently challenge the semiconductor industry. For more information about STABLCOR, visit

About Stevenage Circuits

For over 30 years, Stevenage Circuits Ltd. (SCL) has provided industry leading interconnection technology to the Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Consumer, and Telecoms markets. SCL manufactures diverse product types such as Multilayer, Flex, and Flex-Rigid, incorporating the latest HDI and microvia capabilities and delivers this high performance product portfolio using a broad range of materials to over 20 countries. As one of the largest independent PCB fabricators in the UK, SCL is unrivalled in its strategy to invest consistently in its people and facilities for ensuring future growth in quality and technological capability within the industry. For more information about Stevenage Circuits, visit

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