SRS - Self-Relief Seat

In some applications, such as Dowtherm or Syltherm, when media gets trapped in the valve cavity and its temperature is very low, cavity pressure in the valve body can reach dangerously high levels (thousands of psi) if the valve is suddenly exposed to heat. If there is no allowance for pressure relief the seats can collapse into the pipe passage and cause seizure of the ball. This is very common in some fluids and for these applications Habonim provide the ball with a pressure relief hole. This solution makes the valve unidirectional.

Habonim SRS - Self-Relief-Seat solution allow the pressure to be relieved without distinguishing the flow direction in the pipe, which means a bidirectional valve. This option is to have seat material of TFM, a modified PTFE that maintains the exceptional chemical and heat resistant properties of conventional PTFE, but has a significantly lower melt viscosity giving better particle fusion and smoother surfaces during sintering. It is recommended for ball valve seats due to its reduced cold flow without the use of fillers. Other optional seat materials are 15% glass-filled PTFE or carbon-filled PTFE (NRG).

Habonim is a leading manufacturer of innovative ball valves and pneumatic actuators. Founded in the early 1960's as a stainless steel and aluminum casting foundry, the company expanded into the design and production of 3- piece and flanged ball valves. Habonim introduced to the market the only 4- piston pneumatic actuator in the world, the "Compact". With a worldwide presence, Habonim is specified by many of the major companies in the following industries:- Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, Energy, Offshore Drilling, Marine, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food and Beverage and others.

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