Splunk Introduces Splunk for Cisco Security Solution

SAN FRANCISCO - Splunk today introduced its Splunk for Cisco Security Solution. The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution delivers a rich security experience by providing additional insights from data generated by Cisco security products. Splunk announced last week the solution's completion of interoperability testing with the Secure Borderless Networks system Security Management products.

The combination of Splunk and Cisco Security Management products provides a single view of the security environment to facilitate incident investigations, enforce policies and meet compliance mandates. The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution consists of a set of modular Splunk-built Apps and Add-ons, leverage Splunk, and are available as free downloads on www.splunkbase.com/.

"The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution builds on our successful Cisco product collaborations with the WSA and ESA security appliances. By providing customers better visibility across their infrastructures, Splunk drives additional value from their Cisco security investments," said Bill Gaylord, vice president business development, Splunk. "Based on the positive feedback from our joint customers, we anticipate extending support to other Cisco offerings in the future."

"The pre-built reports are quick and easy to use - just a couple of clicks," said a network engineer with a Department of Energy national laboratory. "It's much easier to get at the data using Splunk than the various native Cisco tools, and we easily get an integrated view across Cisco technologies."

The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution currently supports devices including ASA and PIX Firewalls, Client Security Agent, Intrusion Prevention System, IronPort Web Security Appliance (WSA) and the IronPort E-mail Security Appliance (ESA). The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution is an integrated solution that delivers:

- Increased visibility with built in pre-defined dashboards, searches, reports and alerts for all supported devices

- Security forensics with field definitions to make ad-hoc investigations and custom dashboard creation as simple as a few mouse clicks

- Enhanced network security by enabling the user to trace threats in real time utilizing reputation from Cisco, Global Correlation IPS events, ASA Botnet Filter events and Web/Email Security Appliance events

- Situational awareness of security threats targeting mission-critical business applications through the visibility gained from monitoring application logs and security data

The Splunk for Cisco Security Solution leverages the native capabilities of Splunk. Splunk's software provides the ability to search report, monitor and analyze real-time streaming and historical IT data from the same interface. Unlike traditional SIEMs, Splunk was architected to be able to index any machine-generated IT data - whether from common network and security devices or other critical sources such as custom application logs, PBX logs and other parts of the overall IT infrastructure - physical and virtual.

To download Splunk, please visit www.splunk.com/download. To download the Splunk for Cisco Security Solution, or the individual Cisco Apps and Add-ons please visit www.splunkbase.com/ where you can also find dozens of other Apps and Add-ons that run on top of Splunk.

About Splunk

Splunk is software that provides unique visibility across your entire IT infrastructure from one place in real time. Only Splunk enables you to search, report, monitor and analyze all your real-time streaming and historical IT data. Now you can troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, monitor to avoid service degradation or outages, deliver compliance at lower cost and gain new business insights from your IT data. Over 1,750 enterprises, service providers and government organizations in 68 countries use Splunk to realize new levels of service quality, reduce IT operations costs and mitigate security risks in record time. The world's leading technology providers and over 50 system integrator, value-added reseller and managed service provider partners are driving new business and fueling their offerings with Splunk. Download your own free copy of Splunk today at www.splunk.com/download

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