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SPIROL Releases New Coiled Pin Design Guide

Press release date: Jul 02, 2014

Danielson, CT – SPIROL is pleased to announce the release of their brand new Coiled Pin Design Guide. Truly an “engineered-fastener”, the Coiled Pin is available in three “duties” enabling the designer to choose the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and diameter to accommodate different host materials and application requirements. Their shock absorbing design dampens forces and vibration to prevent hole damage and prolong assembly life. This combination of features enables SPIROL Coiled Pins to improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your product and reduce your total manufacturing costs.

The new design guide contains valuable information including: specifications, features and benefits compared to other common press-fit pins, measuring techniques, and installation methods. It also contains easy-to-read schematics and diagrams to support each key section. It is packed with design tips to assist engineers on how to design components that incorporate Coiled Pins to ensure that the assembly functions as desired for the intended life of the assembly.

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SPIROL Engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution at the lowest total assembly cost. It all starts with our Optimal Application Engineering process. To start this process, please go to and select Pinning Applications under the Optimal Application Engineering portal on the left hand side.