Specialty Conduits Video Series Released - Episode 1: Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit

Electri-Flex Company has recently launched a new video series that will feature their various lines of specialty flexible conduits.

Episode 1 is the first in its series that has been released featuring the Jacketed Stainless Steel line of flexible electrical conduits. “Videos are the future and our distributor partners find value in sharing these product videos with their customers. It was essential that we create a new series of videos featuring the benefits and applications of the various specialty lines of conduits available, and our recently launched stainless steel conduit was the perfect place to start,” said Janelle Blazejewski, Marketing Manager at Electri-Flex.

The Stainless Steel video features Brock Klein in Sales and Henry Dominicis in Engineering discussing the benefits and applications for this line of flexible electrical conduits. The benefits of utilizing a stainless steel flexible conduit is that it provides exceptional resistance to corrosive atmospheres, such as chemical processing, water treatment plants and other specialty applications where standard plated steel may not be adequate. It also provides additional high mechanical strength due to its construction. These benefits are put to the test with both a crush test to test core strength and an ASTM B117-Inspired Salt Water Corrosion Resistance Experient to test its corrosion-resistance.

Electri-Flex Company provides five varieties of jacketed stainless steel flexible conduits and one unjacketed conduit. These types provide a broad array of variations dedicated to specific applications, such as Food Processing, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Oil & Gas Refineries, Ship Building, Steel Mills, Power Plants, and Defense. Specialty product features include, but are not limited to, Food Grade/NSF Certified, Industrial Grade, Halogen-Free, Low Fire Hazard, and Extreme High/Low Temperature varieties.

To view the Stainless Steel Video visit https://www.electriflex.com/stainless-steel-flexible-conduit-2/ or subscribe to Electri-Flex’ YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/electriflexcompany?sub_confirmation=1.


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